Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Is university just an expensive alternative to a job?

With many 18 year olds, receiving their results just around the corner, some of them will be preparing for the biggest adventure of their lives. Notice how I say 'some' and not 'all' or even 'the majority' as I could have said in previous years. This year sees a considerably lower amount of teenagers taking the plunge. The reason…that the adults who received free university education now demands £9000 a year from us. So…is it worth it?
The automatic answer would be – no! In my experience, the teaching from the lecturers doesn’t come anywhere close to being worth the £9000 fee but even if it was a lot better, nothing could quite live up to that outrageous amount of money. Even if you are on a vocational course, such as teaching, medicine, dentistry, law or journalism, the benefits of university can be limited, even though I(f you would actually like a job in any of those fields), you HAVE to go to university. As a trainee teacher, I find my lectures a little uninspiring to say the least and the only useful part of the course is the experience.
But the overall experience is the one aspect of university that puts it a cut above school, college or anything else. University has never just been about the academic side of life, otherwise we would all be sitting in our parents’ houses, learning what we need to know from Open University. So, taking into account everything else, I would say a huge YES, university is so so worth it.
First and foremost, it forces you to look after yourself, so that you do all your own cooking, cleaning and washing, giving you a defined sense of independence that many teenagers have not yet experienced. But, perhaps more importantly than that, are all the numerous social opportunities of learning to live with people, learning to walk into a room of strangers and instantly make friends and being involved with the plentiful societies that every university has. If there is one tip I can give to anyone starting in the next month or so, is to join a society. It is such a great way to find people who you know you will get on with, because you all have a similar interest in common.
Therefore, my advice is if you have the chance, definitely go to university.  And while you’re there, embrace every situation and opportunity thrown your way. Join societies, make friends, learn to live and most importantly, have fun while you can. Before you spend the rest of your working life repaying the debt.
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  1. Ugh how annoying, I just wrote out a whole post and it didn't publish :'( I agree about our waste-of-time educations lectures, from which I learn absolutely zilch; it pains me to think we're paying over £3k for them, let alone £9k!
    I mainly think uni is a good excuse to doss around (come on, it's true) for a good few years - only 7 months of lectures a year, and not even 5 days a week! Fab stuff. And we've got two more years of it! But we're allowed to sit around doing nothing, because "we're at university" ;)
    Liking your blog, Coster, it's inspired me to want to start mine up again... xx

    1. I know!!! I find the lectures frustratingly pointless and boring. Such a waste of money. Yeah it is true. And for those who aren't doing a vocational course (and therefore have a job in mind) it can be used to put off actually deciding what you want to do with your life for another few years.
      Ah thanks...I am glad :D I was debating whether to start up a style blog alongside not sure. Glad at least one person is enjoying it though =] and yesssss you must!!! x

  2. This does make me lean towards thinking that your saying people who aren't going to university don't have a life changing adventure ahead of them... I'm sure they too have a massive adventure coming too!

    If your starting a style blog... I definitely should too alongside my other one(after the fashion degree comment I got yesterday as I said to you!) The blog's would be total opposites I'm sure! xx

    & this has hilariously linked itself to a totally forgotten old blog with 4 posts!

    1. Nope, I was simply commenting on the university adventure, not comparing it to any other lifestyle choice.
      yes yes yes let's try it. Ha yeah I would think they probably would be. But we would both have lots of floral patterns in there =] x