Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Twitter vs Facebook

These are the top two social networking sites of our generation (so far) so which one is the best? To be fair, its quite hard to have them battling against each other as they are both quite different and serve different purposes so most people own and use both sites. But here goes anyway...let the battle commence.

Round One: Logo
As it is aesthetically pleasing, this first round obviously has to go to Twitter. Who doesn't love the little blue bird? It's so cute. Whereas facebook is just an 'F.' We know how to spell!!!
Winner: Twitter

Round 2: Layout
Both have a similar layout of a profile page where you can view everything that you upload and then a main news feed where you can see everything that people you follow/are friends with uploads. The layouts are both similarly easy to navigate and skim down the different stories. But Twitter wins, just about, because it is hugely less cluttered than facebook so is a little less daunting.
Winner: Twitter

Round 3: Pictures
Both sites have opportunities to share pictures with those that follow you/are friends with you. But Facebook obviously wins this round hands down with the organisation of the photos into albums, the ability to tag your friends in them and their attractive layout. Twitter's photos can only be viewed by going on the particular person profile and then you have to trawl through every single one in the album, without the ability to skip to one further in the album.

Round 4: Thoughts
This is where twitter really comes into its own. Multiple statuses on Facebook often annoy your friends, which is why most people own a Twitter alongside where they can let off steam (within 140 characters). And no one complains because this is its whole purpose. Plus, the only people who can view them are those that follow you and therefore are interested in what you say! So you can spill out your thoughts to your heart's content without feeling embarrassed.
Winner: Twitter

Round 5: Interactions
With its superior forms of communication through chat, email and public posting on walls, Facebook seems like an automatic winner. But do not be so hasty - twitter, I also think gives the pretty unique opportunity to contact celebs. And many of them (well, the nicer ones) do actually bother to reply. So I have very generously declared this round, a draw =]
Winner: Draw

Round 6: Marketing
And by this I mean, if you personally want to advertise your own individual achievement/event/product etc. I use this regularly on both Twitter and Facebook for the blog posts I write on here or if I want to boast about something I have succeeded in. And I would say that, although it's a close call, Twitter is marginally better for this, depending on what your aim is. If you wanted to advertise specifically to your friends, then Facebook would probably win, but for a far greater reaching audience Twitter is the winner in this category. Plus, you have the slight possibility that you might somehow attract a celebrity's attention who might retweet whatever your advertising and give you infinitely more coverage from those fans.
Winner: (just) Twitter

Round 7: Lack of annoying adverts
The adverts on Facebook drive me mental. I am always clicking on them by accident and they slow the whole site down, although this clearly how it has made all its money. The lack of them (apart from a small amount of promotions through tweets themselves) makes Twitter the winner hands down.
Winner: Twitter

Round 8: Personalised
And this is where Facebook comes into its own. You have your own profile which you then fill with exactly what you want...the friends you want to contact, pictures/videos, events, your likes and dislikes and whatever comes into your head. On Twitter, you just have your profile pictures plus a tiny space where you can write a sentence about yourself. Needless to say, Facebook wins this one without any competition.
Winner: Facebook

Round 9: Features
Twitter has one purpose and that is to micro-blog your personal thoughts or pictures. Whereas on Facebook you can do so much more - contact your friends (through either instant messaging, normal messaging or publicly on their wall), share your pictures, where you have been, what you have been doing, play games, follow what celebrities are up to by liking their pages, or follow new items and special offers in shops through liking their pages. The majority use it for communication but the whole package is infinitely huger than Twitter. But then, I suppose, it's deliberate.
Winner: Facebook

Round 10: Catering for everyone
Twitter is open to all which makes it slightly more open than Facebook but most people ignore the age restriction on it anyway. There is also a lot less of the cyber bullying on Twitter, because it encourages people to say exactly what they think with less judgement from other people. However, because it has so many more facilities that ultimately appeal to a greater number of people, I would say that Facebook has to win this section because it is more inclusive of everyone's interests.
Winner: (just) Facebook

Overall Winner: Twitter 6-5
Somehow my verdict doesn't really shock me. Twitter, although, more specific in its purpose, is generally a better website than Facebook which annoys most people. But no one will stop using it because it is a hugely useful site if it is used in the right way, despite its faults. When I told one of my friends I was doing this debate, she said I should think of it as which wouldn't I be able to give up? But the answer is, I could live without both of them. Yes, I enjoy using them and, like most in my generation, am slightly addicted to each but I don't feel like I would be unable to live without them. They are just a useful asset. And anyone who isn't able to, needs to go out and have a breath of fresh air for a while.

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