Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Under Pressure...

Over the past few years the amount of insecurities that young women in their late teens early twenties has dramatically increased. Whether this is about how they look or what they are wearing or how much money they earn in their jobs, it is something that no woman can escape from. The reason for this is because of the amount of pressure that we unknowingly respond to through the Internet, magazines and anywhere that promotes celebrity culture. Everywhere we look we see them. And because of TV and the internet, they have infiltrated our homes a lot more in the last few years.

It is obvious we would love to be them. Or at least be like them. They are rich, powerful and absolutely gorgeous. But, and I know this might be quite hard for us to handle, the majority of us are not going to be like that. We are just going to be normal average people, with normal average (yet fulfilling) lives. However this will not stop us from wishing for our lives to be different and inadvertently putting pressure on ourselves to make this happen.

Women are said to not feel good about themselves because they try to be too perfect and to please everyone...we want to be the perfect employee, girlfriend, daughter, mother etc etc... So if we fail in one of these areas very slightly, we feel like a failure overall despite whatever other success we might achieve in all the other areas. We push ourselves too hard and are too expectant of perfection. And then there is all the extra pressure from trying to be like the celebrities we adore.

I do have some personal experience of feeling worthless: in how I look, in my personality and in what I am doing with my life. I don't always feel good enough for myself, let alone for other people. So I understand better than most, how horrible it can be and what problems it can lead to. But what you have to remember is that celebrities feel it too. We are all within a vicious circle where celebrities feel pressured by the public to look their best and be perfect, while the fact that they are gorgeous makes the public feel pressured to look like them. And this is a circle that will never stop.  I recently read an article where it said about Victoria Pendleton self harming hours after she won a medal at the 2008 Olympics and another where beautiful millionairess Emma Watson talks about her insecurities with her weight.

These are just two tiny examples showing that however successful or beautiful you are, you are never going to feel perfect. Everyone has their hang ups, even if on the outside, they seem to have the life to die for. Therefore we all just have to stop comparing ourselves to each other and try to make the best of every circumstance we are handed. That's all we can do, because whatever we do have, it may not feel like it's enough and we will always want something more...the grass is always greener on the other side and all that jazz. So what we have to remember is that 'the happiest person alive is the one who doesn't give a fuck.' Follow that and maybe we can just live our lives instead of wishing to have someone else's.

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