Friday, 19 October 2012

Studenty life

Even though I started off so well with this blog, two months later I am slacking - sorry. But carry on reading anyway. Reread my old posts if you like/ haven't already...they are interesting because I am a very interesting person. But I have one thing to blame for my lack of activity- university.

The worst thing is, work hasn't even properly started yet. Yes I have a few essays to do, but I am one of those typical students who has two months to do an essay but, of course, leaves it until the night before. I also only have three lectures a week. So what have I been up to the rest of the time...

Well, just to make you jealous, in the past three weeks I have....

been out clubbing 6 times.
been to the pub pretty much every day
seen one celebrity do a DJ set at my local union
coerced fresher's into joining my society
helped run and sort a society
lost my IPhone
had a nervous breakdown
found IPhone
spent far too much money on clothes
bought no food whatsoever (and not yet used the hob in my new house)
been to one house party in London
been to London three times
had my brother come to stay
written four articles for my student newspaper
seen filmings of two TV programmes at the BBC
met two celebrities (one in a club, one out shopping)

PRETTY HECTIC. Who says student life isn't hard?? But I have decided enough is enough and it's time for me to settle down. Therefore from Sunday, I am going to get ahead with my essays, go back to writing my novel, stop drinking and MOST IMPORTANTLY update this blog with something interesting. If you would like me to expand on anything from the list above, let me know...if not, just hang on for a few more days for my little pearls of wisdom. Laters guysssssss

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