Monday, 24 December 2012

Charlotte and Lizzie's Movie Countdown to Christmas

So after my very moral post about Christmas the other day, I am now going to be slightly hypocritical to tell you all about mine and my sister's Christmas countdown. Basically we sat down and picked all our favourite Christmas movies, then watched one of them per day leading up to Christmas. And this is what we came up with!!

Tuesday 18th December - The Grinch
I have never been that much of a Dr Seuss fan - it was all just a little too whacky for me. But this film was actually quite heart-warming with a very endearing baddy.

Wednesday 19th December - Home Alone
The beginning epitomised the very definition of the chaos that goes on at Christmas time which resulted in poor little Kevin getting left behind as the family travelled off for their vacation. Over the course of the movie, the family all discover what they truly mean to each other, just in time for Christmas Day while in the meantime an 8 year old outwits two adults

Thursday 20th December - The Polar Express
A group of children go on the most adventurous train journey ever to the north pole where they meet Santa and learn to believe in the wonder of Christmas again.

Friday 21st December - The Holiday
Two women who have been unlucky in love swap lives and manage to find their perfect men in the most unlikely of places

Saturday 22nd December - Love Actually
As I went on and on about in my previous blog post, I believe love to be the most important emotion that should be celebrated at Christmas. And this film is absolutely full of it!

Sunday 23rd December - Arthur Christmas
This is my favourite Christmas movie ever! Love everything about it, saw it twice in the cinema last year and I believe it is a very clear representation of the real Santa Claus. (Just kidding)

Monday 24th December - Rise of the Guardians
Not really a Christmas movie at all but this brand new film which is in the cinema at the moment still promotes everything good about Christmas - love and friendship and trying to save the world as Santa Claus unites with the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy and Jack Frost to save all the children from the Boogie Man. Have seen this one twice in the cinema as well - I am obviously still a child at heart.

I do love Christmas films a lot - they are always filled with heart-warming amounts of love and happiness that is very refreshing. Not many films actually bother with those emotions any more. So I hope you watch a huge amount of these great films over the festive period and have a wonderful day tomorrow. Merry Christmas to you all.

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