Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Why I love the north

Before this weekend, the furthest north I had ever been was Birmingham. But now I am proud to say that I have actually made it properly up north after spending the entire weekend in Manchester. And I had an absolutely amazing time. The north is incredible.
This vibrant fun city is just so full of life and the people are actually friendly. Unlike the south where everyone thinks they are better than everyone else and looks down their noses at you.
The main thing that we seemed to do this weekend was walking. The majority of the time we were just wandering around looking at things such as buildings. And then we wandered around the inside of them as well. But in such a short space of time, we did actually manage to fit quite a lot in. We visited both Manchester Uni and the Royal Northern College of Music as well as each of their unions. We did the cultural things of visiting an art gallery, the cathedral, John Ryland's Library. We went shopping in the biggest shopping centre in the UK, wandered around the Christmas markets, and sampled the joys of northern pubs =] All in all was definitely a fabulous weekend and I have decided I am a little in love with the north.

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