Sunday, 27 January 2013

It snow joke

We all know that Brits love to complain and our favourite thing to complain about always was and always will be - THE WEATHER. Whether it is good or bad, sunny or raining or snowing, windy or humid, there will always be someone who has something to shout about. Or a lot of people.

It is not surprising really that the rest of the world laugh at us for being one of the grumpiest countries in Europe, as we are always complaining. Always. And it is really starting to bug me, because all it does is bring the rest of us down, who are attempting to stay cheerful. When we have sun we complain about droughts. When we have rain, we get scared about flooding. And, most recently when we have snow, we literally all go mental and the whole country shuts down. Roads are closed, trains stop running and none of the shops or schools are open.

It is all a little bit pathetic because in our selfishness we definitely do forget about everyone else who, I believe, have it a lot worse than us. There are some countries who never have rain, some that flood every year regularly and many that receive a lot more snow than we do. They manage, so why can't we?? Furthermore we actually have the resources, money and organisation to be able to sort out our problems reasonably easily when so many other countries don't. Do we sort them out? No. We just carry on complaining. We clearly love it too much.

I blame it all on the government. If we actually had some people in charge who weren't complete douchebags then maybe we would be happier more comfortable people as a whole. And if the news stopped being all doom and gloom. I tend not to read the news anymore because it annoys me so much - it is always depressing. Maybe if we all started concentrating on what we do have and the benefits of living in this beautiful country, England will be a much happier place....end of rant =]

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