Sunday, 6 January 2013


Yesterday was a sad day for the West End theatre and all the lovers of it who go there to see the beautiful shows. Because it saw the end of Loserville - a good 2 months earlier than it was meant to. You probably have never even heard of it - I hadn't either really, except in passing, but an opportunity for cheap tickets, a front row seat and the last chance to see something was too good to miss. And I am so glad I did see it. What the next two hours entailed was a wonderful, colourful mash of singing and dancing. And I loved every minute.

Loserville, written by ex-Busted member, James Bourne, started life up in the North, in Leeds and entered the West End in the Garrick theatre last October. It was meant to run until March 2013, but instead closed yesterday after a mere 3 months. Why? A rubbish storyline? No! Lack of action? Nope! Inadequate singing? Definitely not! So what...?

As always, I believe it is a lack of publicity that let it down. Although there was a lot to begin with, when it first opened at the Garrick, this soon dwindled and so did the audiences. Which is a shame because it meant that the majority of you missed a truly fantastic show.  A show which gave a voice to the geeks and led them to victory over the popular bullies...nothing new there, I suppose, not in a musical fantasy world anyway. But, to be fair, they were very good voices so should be heard. And the execution of the dance routines were, similarly, of a very high standard, that made even watching it feel exhausting. Costumes were wonderfully vintage in keeping with the 1970s fashion where it was set and the stage a wonderfully simple design. Who else would make the backdrop work as a picture painted onto a giant notebook that the chorus then held up. A daring concept that could have gone horribly wrong but which worked perfectly and meant that stage changes were much more efficient than they easily could have been.

I feel bad for anyone who didn't get to see this show. And I feel bad for the talented cast who definitely didn't get enough audiences. But ultimately I feel amazing because this musical really cheered me up. So I guess I was one of the lucky ones. I hope they will bring it back at some point in the future.

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