Tuesday, 29 January 2013


Miranda Hart is one of those people who I have always wanted as my best friend. Because she just seems really cool and is much clumsier than me, which hardly ever happens. But I am taking all of her supposed characteristics from her outstandingly popular TV show, even though she keeps on saying it’s not a true representation of herself.  The reason for this is that the fictional Miranda is one of the most loved characters on television at the moment, who happens to be outrageously funny as well. 
It is of a great tribute to Hart’s writing that said character, who has only appeared in 18 half hour episodes, is as valued as she is.  And as series 3 has just ended with the biggest cliffhanger ever, it looks like we can see a little more of her yet.   Miranda is a very single 35 year old, running a joke shop with her best friend Stevie (Sarah Hadland), trying to avoid her mother (Patricia Hodge) and attempting to get her friend Gary (Tom Ellis) to fall in love with her.  And this has been the basic premise of the story for the past three years. 
Series 3 began very slowly, something which even Hart was worried about as she took to Twitter to ask all her fans to ‘Bear with’ while the series got into its full swing.  But when it did, from about the second or third episode onwards, they have been absolutely flawless.  Some people criticise her for the repetition of jokes but this adds to the charm of the show.  By allowing the character to have catchphrases and make the same mistakes fairly consistently, she appears as much more human.
Series 3 had further excitement of an additional love interest, other than Gary.  This was a potentially dangerous move for the actor involved, because Gary is so adored.  But seeing her interact this way with a new character added further depth to Miranda’s personality and was definitely an interesting development. Plus, we did not miss out on too much Gary action, particularly in this week’s finale which was the best episode by far.  Not only was it absolutely hilarious, but there were very poignant moments and some of the cutest kittens I have ever seen!  Pretty much everything you could ever want in a TV show.  Another reason I totally adored the sixth episode was because I was actually there. Yes, in the audience. Eek. Literally a dream come true when I had found out that I had was one of the 250 people lucky enough to win a ticket. And it was an incredible experience. Something that I will never ever forget (and Tom Ellis is so much hotter in real life).
 So if you haven’t watched it, I order you to go and view it now – you won’t regret it and the major cliffhanger in episode 6 will definitely have you gagging for more.

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