Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Things which your parents provide that no one else can!

I am about to return to university for my second term of my third year (whoop snaps for me, for making it this far. Only a year and a half to go.); a prospect which I am actually finding a little more daunting than I should. Because of the work, quite frankly as I am a total lazy bones. And, much as I adore my housemates and home in Reading, sometimes the stints with my parents are great. Here's why....

1. You can make a cup of tea without having to check that the milk is off!
Or worse still, tasting that the milk is off. It may be a simple pleasure - but it's an important one. No one should have to give up the only thing that allows us Brits to get through the day. Least of all because the milk has turned to cheese (because the fridge is RIDICULOUS)

2. Being able to do absolutely nothing (if you want to)
I don't tend to use this particular option as I find doing nothing, boring. But still, the option is there if you want/need some time to chill. And it means when you are ill, you don't have to feel guilty about doing nothing or have to catch up on the million and one things that you missed per sick day - amazing.

3. Lie ins
Similar to number 2 I know, but I think it is important enough to get it's own section. Lie ins are hugely important. I definitely don't get enough of them at university and believe me when I say, I am not a morning person at all. Occasionally I am hell. But in the past three and a half weeks, I am proud to say that I have got up before 11 only a handful of times. (One of those times being when I got up at 3.45am to catch an early flight - I actually nearly cried. That kind of time in the morning should be illegal.)

4. Writing
It is such bliss not to have to write essays. Once upon a time, back in sixth form, I didn't mind them so thought I would be fine at wrong I was. I hate them and procrastinate ridiculously. Not only do I find them boring and frustrating, but it also turns off my creative switch in my brain making it nearly impossible to write my blog or my novel. I love having the freedom at my parents' house to write peacefully and uninhibited by essay-writer's block.

5. Not having to turn off the lights every time I leave the room
Ok, I probably should do this anyway to save the planet and all that jazz. But just knowing that I don't have to worry about the electric meter running out is BLISS. Have you ever been in a blackout at 11pm at night, scrambling and tripping over pieces of furniture to try and find the electric key to top it up? Then running up to co op, arriving seconds before it closes and begging them to top you up £10? Not one of my better moments!

6. Hot powerful showers
Speaks for itself. Although I did break my parents' one this holiday so this point is kind of void unfortunately. The plumber was around today fitting a new one and I was the only person upstairs who heard his 'oh shit' as he was merrily drilling through our wall. And then he said 'whoops' - I dread to think what he has done. Maybe won't mention that to the parents.

7. A fridge/cupboard full of food (and no cooking)
Again it speaks for itself. Not having to buy food but always being able to take it, not having to prepare or cook food, just coming when's like eating in a restaurant every meal.

8. Not having to go out when it's raining
I hate the rain, I am literally like a cat. But when at uni, I somehow am always out when it begins to rain and I never have an umbrella. I love the sound of rain on the window whilst you are all cosied up in bed, knowing that you don't have to be in it. That coupled with the full fridge and an internet full of movies, is the best feeling in the world

9. A free taxi service
I don't drive so I have to get the bus or walk everywhere. But not here. Here I cajole and guilt trip my parents into driving me everywhere by blaming them for living in the middle of nowhere. They don't, not really (and there might be a bus stop at the bottom of my road) but 'if you lived closer to town like I do in Reading, I would be able to walk...' Gets them every time.

10. Being around the family
I left the most important and obvious one, till last. But again it speaks for itself...and although they drive me absolutely crazy, I do miss them a huge amount. Only if they fulfil requirements 1 to 9 though ;)

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