Tuesday, 19 February 2013


Good morning and top of te morning to ya.
Oh Dublin how I love you and how I wish I could afford to live in you and just sit in pubs all the time. It seems like the perfect laidback life where no one has any worries. It was literally so good to get away from university life and go into a very different world. And I may have only spent a weekend there but I felt utterly relaxed in this vibrant city.

In those three days we did cram in a lot of touristy things - we were on one of those awful tourist buses that you see zooming around London all the time. And I am proud to say I was one of the most stereotypical of the bunch, sitting on the open top deck and clicking my camera at everything. We visited Trinity College, St Patrick's Cathedral, Phoenix Park, Kilmainham Gaol (who my housemate was convinced that it was pronounced goal), Guinness Storehouse, Connaught Road and of course, the Temple Bar area. I only had three aims as well: to have a proper Irish Coffee (so yum - I am going to start drinking all my coffees like that); hear a traditional Irish Band (I heard several, they were all amazing. And I drunkenly danced to Galway Girl. Evening was made) and to get with an Irish man (I had to - I just melt when they speak to me, however good looking they are). And I achieved all those aims, so I was happy.

I wasn't expecting to have that much time sober to be honest, but we did fit in quite a bit. And we had a huge laugh. I love the place and I want to go back. And that's all really - if only England was just as friendly.

Like what I say?

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