Friday, 15 February 2013

Valentine's Day

So this crazy day of love is almost at an end....thank god. I know this might seem like a bitter sentence, but in fact, it's not. Whether I am with someone or not, I still am not the biggest fan of this stupid day.

All that I am getting fed up with is the endless displays of affection that people feel like they have to put on twitter, Facebook and every single other social networking site/blog that is available on the internet. People seem to forget that this day is not meant to be for showing off about their relationship but is actually meant to be a day about LOVE. Whether that is your partner, or your friend or your family.

These days, like everything else it has turned into a massive corporate machine of flowers, chocolates, teddy bears and other crap that shops sell at ridiculous prices just to make money. Therefore, year by year, the meaning of this day is slowly getting lost, the same as Christmas and Easter and every other single holiday in this country. Love is a number of things - it is pleasurable, painful, all encompassing, amazing, sad, blissful, unconditional, deep and, most importantly it lasts for a lifetime (assuming you have found the right person). Therefore why do we need one single day to show to our loved ones, how much they mean to us? Surely we should just do that every day. So instead of buying a tacky teddy bear holding a heart, why don't you simply tell that special someone that you love them, It will save you a load of money and is far far more meaningful.

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