Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Why does everyone hate The D Word?

By this, I don't mean dick or any other naughty word beginning with 'd' (literally could not think of another one...maybe I am too innocent) but something even scarier - The Dentist. And yes, I did mean to capitalise both words.

It is a hugely scary event when that time of the year rolls around and you are off to see The Dentist...I can't honestly think of one person who enjoys it. Which is unfortunate, because, generally, they are quite nice people. I suppose you would have to be, to choose to be hunched in a small room all day staring into people's cake holes. It is a very odd fetish to have and not something I could ever imagine myself enjoying. Think of the amount of germs they are faced with every day as they get breathed over by everyone from little snot-ridden kids to sick elderly men.

But why is it that people hate The Dentist so much...it's not like you have to do the breathing in and probing round. All you have to do is lie there. It's actually quite comfy and there's normally nice music playing. Despite this, I can not say I enjoy it either. I dread it. A lot. Mostly because I have crap teeth - who else's teeth came through with holes already in? That's just not fair. The aspect I hate most is the powerlessness of your position. You can barely breathe, you definitely can't swallow and I can't get up and run away without getting impaled by that stabby thing they always use. How rude of them.

Then again I am luckier than some so I shouldn't complain and I have been blessed with some really lovely dentists who took real good care of me. So I am trying to see it in a new light. Hopefully one day I will accept that they are doing me a favour and will stop wondering whether that odd tasting polishing thing they do, is in fact, going to poison me.

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