Saturday, 3 August 2013

Prince George Alexander Louis of Cambridge

It's not every day that a birth of a baby makes front page news of every newspaper, national or local, in the country. Shock horror: woman who has been pregnant for 9 months, gives birth. But then this was no ordinary baby.

This was the baby of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge who was born at 4.24 on 22nd July 2013. Within minutes of the announcement of his birth (around 8.30pm on the same day), Twitter and Facebook had gone crazy and he had his own Wikipedia page. Not many four-hour-olds can boast that distinction. So why is the country so infatuated by this undeniably cute little thing?

I think for a lot of people, the royal baby proved to be a wonderful distraction from our own everyday stresses and worries. Here was this little beautiful child and we could all share in their celebrations and joy. Brits love to feel patriotic and, similar to the Jubilee and Olympics last year and the royal wedding the year before, we just love to show off our love. Throughout the days we live in our news tends to dwell on the hardships and depressing things going on in our world. So it's no wonder we Brits love to jump up and celebrate anything that we can. And what a thing to celebrate. Birth and life instead of makes such a change! No wonder we grasped it so strongly. London went crazy with flags everywhere and announcements all over the place. I won't be surprised if the 22nd becomes a national holiday...anything to cheer us up.

What I do find rather depressing though, is that this little creature is more important than I will ever be. Isn't it insane, that this tiny baby will one day rule us? It is the first time that my generation have experienced these feelings and it will be so interesting for us youngsters to watch him grow in the same way our parents watched William progress into the heir he is today. It was definitely a historical moment and one that I am really happy that I got to be a part of.

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