Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Top 10 items to pack for university

This time last year I wrote an article about what all first year students should make the effort to do in their Fresher's week (which you can read here http://charlottecoster.blogspot.co.uk/2012/08/top-10-things-to-do-in-freshers-week.html). So this year I thought I would be a good Samaritan once again and very helpfully tell you what to pack. In reverse order, here are the top 10 items that you just can't live without at university during your Fresher's year.

Number 10: Toothbrush
Pretty self explanatory really - no one will like you or talk to you if you have stinky breath. Honestly, as if you have to ask...

Number 9: Ipod
Hugely useful for a number of different reasons. It can be a good ice breaker at the beginning, to start discussions about different music that you like...it can be great if you join certain sports and are training or running for them. And finally it can be used in an academic sense as well. Some people like to record their lectures and this can then be uploaded to ipod and listened back. A good way of revising later in the year.

Number 8: Alarm Clock
There's no way you lazy first years will get out of bed without one. Especially now there are no parents to kick you out of it first thing. If you want to make those horrendous 9am lectures, you might have to invest in one.

Number 7: Diary/Calendar
Again, this is completely necessary to make sure you turn up to all your commitments at the right time, in the right place. And this is not just for academic ones either but social and society get togethers. There is a huge amount going on at uni and if you want to keep track of everything, this is a necessity.

Number 6:  A pair of trackie bottoms and a hoodie
Although during the first few weeks, Freshers tend to dress up in their best clothes for lectures, this urge doesn't last long. Believe me, older years look and laugh and you can always spot who the first years are. When you are bogged down with work and had no sleep for three nights straight because you are trying to finish an essay (or just have great stamina for going out) it will be a marvel if you manage to pull jeans on. These two items of clothing are a must for those slobby days when you can't be bothered to move. Or those stressful ones, where you can't leave your desk. Or, the worst of the lot, those hungover ones where you can't move without puking.

Number 5: Photographs
Leaving home can be a bit strange and discomforting. Make sure you have plenty of keepsakes to remind you of everything. And gradually over the year you will add to them with all your great Fresher's memories. Lots of halls don't like blue tac so make sure you bring white tac, frames and pins as well.

Number 4: A formal dress/suit
Most universities will have a Freshers' ball or formal of some kind. And will definitely have certain events throughout the year. So make sure you have a suitably stunning dress or suit to wow your fellow students with.

Number 3: Bottle opener
In an effort to get away from the stereotype of nobody actually being able to remember their freshers week at all, universities definitely won't supply this, even if they are kind enough to supply other cutlery. It's an absolutely must.

Number 2: Notebook
Fresher's is a once in a lifetime occurrence that won't be repeated so many people like to keep a diary or scrap book during their time to remember everything that goes on. I did and it's a lovely keepsake that I will hang on to for the rest of my life.

Number 1: ID (eg passport or driver's licence)
These days you can't get in anywhere without it. So if you don't want to feel left out when everyone else is off enjoying themselves, I suggest you remember it. And then try your best not to drunkenly lose it.

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