Saturday, 24 August 2013

Top shows I have seen

Today is a landmark day...exactly a year ago I went to my first ever West End show - the Wizard of Oz. Which was clearly the start of a slight addiction. Like with smoking, once I had the slight taste of it, I longed for more and over the past twelve months, I have ended up going 14 times. So this is where all my money has gone...but why not? So long as you are enjoying yourself does it actually really matter?

Far and away the best is Hairspray - so upbeat, colourful and fun. love every minute of it. Billy Elliot is my next favourite - slightly less colourful as it is set in the grim north in a grim period during the 70s but it remains to be the only musical that has moved me to tears. Believe me - that never happens. Had some truly stunning dancing in it. Next up, I love Jersey Boys. Entertaining throughout, it was very skilfully done and there was A LOT of singing. Not quite as much as Les Mis though - a happy medium. Number 4 in my rankings, I only saw the other day but I simply adored Top Hat. It is a really simple plot, has a cute romantic story and is really very funny. Loved all the tap dancing as well...definitely my favourite kind. And then next up is Wicked - one of the most famous musicals of our age. Such a captivating story and I love all the progression of the characters and how it fits into the Wizard of Oz.

So there you have it - a brief run down of my absolutely favourites out of the many I have seen and they are definitely my highest recommendations. I will have to see how these rankings change in the next year or so and how many other joyous productions I see. Let me know what your favourites are or if you view any of mine in a slightly different order.

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