Wednesday, 11 September 2013

About time

It's very easy to enjoy Richard Curtis films, although they do tend to be aimed at the same group of people every time. And clearly I am part of that group as I seem to like every single one.

To be totally honest though, I wasn't sure of this one. The trailer just showed it to be yet another mundane romantic comedy and I have kind of grown out of those recently. It just looked like any other. With significant traces of The Time Traveller's Wife, it seems that Rachel McAdams once again finds a time traveller for a husband. How does she manage it? I didn't think there were that many of them about.

But the trailer definitely does not do this film justice. What is sadly missing from those little clips is the warmth and humour brought on by the incredible talents of Bill Nighy, surrounded by an excellent cast. It is an adorable story and despite the idea being a little far fetched, it is vaguely realistic with compassionate dialogue and emotions that most can relate to. Domhnall Gleeson (who is basically unknown except for brief appearances in Never Let Me Go, Anna Karenina and Harry Potter) is an excellent leading man who sweeps us along with his humour and a lot of sensitivity.

It took a while for it get going and the slow pace at the beginning was a little dull. But once it finally did get into the swing of things, I fell in love with the cute story and the mix of emotions that it made me feel along the way. There were many laughs and a few tears (well, I don't cry generally at films...but I nearly did. So if I was normal I would have). One of the best moments was undoubtedly the message that it ended very abruptly with. It reminded you of what it believes to be the most important thing of all - love, friendship and living for today. And I agree with the film. You shouldn't regret what has gone on in the past, as you are unable to change it. Just live for now and work to change the future so you can live life to the full. If we all followed that, I am sure the world would be a much happier place.

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