Saturday, 12 October 2013

A quick apology

I am sure I wrote a post similar to this, last year as well, but I just wanted to apologise briefly (but profusely) for my lack of writing recently. The start of the year at uni is always a little crazy what with Freshers' week, trying to catch up with all those people you haven't been able to see for 3 months and sorting out everything for the coming year of study. And it has all been a little more poignant this year as it is to be my fourth and final one. Hugely excited as I am to be heading into the world of work, I know I will miss this place where I have had so many incredible experiences and made so many friends. Therefore I am trying to get everything out of uni that I possible can as I don't want to have any regrets when I finally leave. And that started with Freshers' week. I am proud to announce that I was out every night with the youngsters and I lived to tell the tale. Who knew that SO MUCH DRAMA could occur in one week?? But I guess that's what happens when alcohol is involved!

Sooooooo...bring on final year. Hopefully it won't just be a year of stress but also of fun, booze, and opportunities that I will grab before I leave them all behind. I will make sure I document some of it for you guys so you see what I get up to and I promise to be a little more faithful to the blog as the year progresses. Let fourth year commence.

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