Friday, 25 October 2013

Single life at university

One of my female friends asked me the other day 'What is it like to not have a boyfriend while at uni?' She is 21 years old and hasn't been single since she was 16. In fact, she will probably marry this guy. Therefore if I wanted her to be able to understand what it's truly like, I had to come up with a very simple analogy. So what I eventually told her was this:

Being single at university is like looking for a dress in a charity shop. You normally aren't intending to go there but have a wander around to see if anything fits. You can be in there for hours, sifting through piles of crap yet find nothing which is always very frustrating. But now you have started searching, you don't want to give up. Occasionally you find something you kind of like but it's not your usual style and it's not long before you get bored of it. And then, very occasionally, you find an absolute gem. Something that you wouldn't dream that you would find and is so perfect for you that you couldn't imagine wanting anything else. Again, it might not have been exactly what you were looking for but somehow you couldn't imagine living without it. Those feelings of love and excitement never get old and it makes it all worth it.

That's what it's like being single at university. Carry on sifting through the crap, girls and guys.

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  1. Perfect analogy, Charlotte. I have to say that charity shop finds - on the right day, at the right time, in the right place - are magical. That's how I met my other half :-)

  2. keep on searching, and hope no-one died in it?