Sunday, 20 October 2013

The Oracle Student Takeover

For a shopaholic who has just received her student loan, this annual event at my local shopping centre was always going to be dangerous. Lured in by the advertisement of freebies and hugely discounted clothes, I spent A LOT. But who, cares? I have a lot of pretty things to show for it and that's all that matters.

So what exactly did I buy? can see pretty much all of it here. And you can see that I am a woman of many layers because not only did I buy clothes but also a bag, a piece of jewellery and, most excitingly, notebooks. Yes you heard me right, I am a complete stationery freak and I am not even ashamed to admit it. Notebooks are my weakness - but I am a writer so it is completely necessary for me to have lots and lots of them rightttttttt?

The whole place was absolutely buzzing with students rushing from shop to shop trying to grab the best bargains before everything sold out. Girls were scanning the rails with serious dedication, swinging from one section to the next, never pausing for a mere browse. This was shopping at its most aggressive and not for the fainthearted.

We didn't bother with changing rooms and opted for a buy-now-return-it-later policy. We definitely didn't want to have any regrets when items were this cheap. So we bought. And we searched. And we bought some more. Right up until the end of the night at 11pm where there were only a few hardcore students left scraping the barrel and keeping the shop assistants awake. It hadn't been easy. We'd been pushed and shoved, elbowed and stepped on. There had been disappointments - perfect boots that didn't have our size, beautiful bags that had to be rejected because they had a mark on them. And what can I say about Topshop - a broken aircon system and too many people in that tiny upstairs bit (I can not WAIT until it expands next year) meant that we all had to strip off our layers and walk around as if we were at the beach.

But we made it! And to celebrate we went to Macdonalds. At 11pm. Which normally is only acceptable if you are trying to sober up. Even that had its problems. Firstly, they turned off the McFlurry machine. WHYYYYYY would they do that? So I had to settle for a toffee muffin which just wasn't up to scratch (I think it had been sitting in that display case all day). And then when me and my friend tried to go to the toilet (a basic human right) they had turned the motion sensors off. Therefore we had to pee in the dark. WHYYYYYY would they do that? Evil people. And let me tell you, peeing by phone light is difficult and frankly a little unhygienic.

Despite this though, I did have a fun night. After lugging all our purchases home, I think we were all a little delirious. But it was so worth it. I picked up some great bargains.

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