Saturday, 2 November 2013

Nights out at uni

Continuing along the what-is-it-like-living-at-uni theme that I seem to have going on here at the moment (I am clearly getting nostalgic in my old age) I thought that I would give a little insight into my experiences of clubbing as a student. And the main thing I have to say about this is that it is extremely hard work. For girls anyway. Let me explain...

Nights out for females, and some males as well, include properly intense preparation. We primp, pamper and make ourselves up, make heart wrenching decisions about what to wear and how to do our hair. It takes hours! While, at the same time, some guys just turn up after merely changing their shirts. I am so jealous of them.

But it doesn't stop there. Once we have gone through all that it comes to the actual event. For those of us that are single it turns into a night of eyeing up guys, deciding whether they are hot enough, flirting with those that make the cut, while trying to fend off those that don't...

But, believe it or not boys, not everybody does that. Sometimes we just don't want to 'pull' and have simply come out for a laugh with our friends. And yes, we may have made an effort but that isn't necessarily for your benefit. We just like to make ourselves look pretty simply because it is a great excuse to dress up and put on a pretty dress. It is the little girl inside of us making a reappearance, the ones who like to play princess. Therefore do not be surprised if we tell you to go away - not all of us want to pull. Least of all because a few of us, are actually in happy relationships. Or sometimes just because you are ugly.

So whether you are in a relationship or not, these nights do tend to end up as being quite hard work - whether you are trying to attract the opposite sex or beat them away. And they say a woman's work is never has never been more true.

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