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At the beginning of my blog, in my very first post, I made a number of declarations about what I wanted to include here - - and one of those bullet points I haven't even touched on once in the whole year and a half I have been writing for you. So to fill the little creative gap, here is a little short story for you that I scribbled a few days ago. Enjoy.

My best friend
You know how they all say that you have a devil sitting on your left shoulder while an angel perches on your right...and you should attempt to ignore that little thing speaking into your left ear at all costs? Well, they're all wrong. None of you know anything. Who knows what rubbish you have been paying attention to.
I was lucky enough to be put right very quickly. Because in my left ear, I hear only one voice. That of my best friend, Annie King. She's just perfect, everything that I could ever dream of being: kind, generous, wise and intelligent, creative and determined. And absolutely beautiful - slim with long brown hair that shimmers down her back. Never a horrid word is uttered from her perfect red lips and her pearly white teeth are always on show as she beams at everyone around her. She makes everyone feel good simply by saying hello to them. By turning those startling green eyes on you, you feel...just great. And then she smiles and you soar up to become the luckiest person in the world.
Not that you could be. Because, actually, I am the luckiest person in the world.
She is my best friend and I can talk to her whenever I want. And she talks to me, whenever I need her. Some would call her bossy. I think she's helpful.
She always reminds me when I have forgotten to do something. Like that time I completely forgot about this essay I had to write.
'You're not allowed any dinner until you get it done!' she told me firmly.
Unfortunately it took me two days so I missed a few more meals than just that one, but it worked. I got it done. In fact, I was given an A for it. It was all down to her.
And she was always there to motivate me too. When I was training for the half marathon, she was completely in charge of my diet, ensuring that I got that perfect balance. For weeks my food was restricted and my training was upped. But it worked. I came third. It was all down to her.
We did some work experience together recently and were totally rushed off our feet. But we dragged each other through it.
'Here have some chewing gum. And drink lots of water. You'll forget about it soon.'
She was right. As normal.
It was really hard that week actually. So much to do, so little time, So, at the end of the month, we decided to let our hair down a bit.
'Let's celebrate' suggested Annie 'I haven't been dancing for ages.'
I slipped on a dress and Annie beamed sincerely at me, forcing me to do a shy twirl.
'You look gorgeous' she enthused.
I didn't. It hung lifelessly down my body, attempting to cling to my pathetically small curves. Annie looked amazing. As always.
We downed shots. Then some drinks. Then some more shots. The wooziness had been in my head before we'd even started so I knew I wasn't going to last the whole night. This time I was right.
We'd walked about half a mile to the club. Easy. But as we reached the bouncers at the entrance, I let myself down. My head smashed on to the hard tarmac and my legs began to shiver uncontrollably as my breathing became fast and shallow. In the distance I heard several yells.
'How much has she had to drink?' A crowd was forming around me.
'Basically nothing. She was fine.'
'Did she eat anything?'
I didn't catch the answer to that one. I looked to my left and let out a small sigh of relief.
Annie smiled down at me and stroked my hair.
'You're going to be just fine.'
I know I was. As long as she was there. And she was always there. She was always right.
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