Sunday, 15 December 2013


I'll be honest, it was the cast that really attracted me to go to see this play. I knew absolutely nothing about the play itself. And much as I would love to say I went to enhance my literary education, I really can't. Because when a cast is made up of Ben Whishaw, Colin Morgan, Brendan Coyle, Daniel Mays, Rupert Grint and Tom Rhys Harries, there's no way you can say no.

But ignoring that side of things for a moment, the play itself was absolutely fantastic. Hugely funny and gripping, it was an interesting insight into human character. Each character represented another part of society that you can find all around you, even if you don't work in a bar and the outcome was just so so funny.

Of course, a lot of this was down to the actors themselves. Daniel Mays' comic timing was spot on throughout and him and Rupert Grint had some great moments where they just bounced off each other. Grint was ok and played a character who was very similar to the Ron Weasley of the first couple of films, following the much brighter Potts (Mays) like a slightly lost puppy dog. Brendan Coyle on the other hand, couldn't be playing someone more different to his Bates from Downton Abbey. Keeping all the youngsters in order, with the slightest raise of tone, he showed his immense acting ability. Ben Whishaw was a scarily unpredictable character, who played out the sudden mood swings to perfection, sparring with Colin Morgan's character in a truly hilarious but frightening way where you weren't sure what was going to happen next. The pair of them acted beyond their years right to the sudden climax at the end. Morgan's final few moments on stage is one of the most heartbreaking and expertly acted scenes I have ever seen in theatre. And then finally, Tom Rhys Harries is a relative newcomer who, in my opinion, was one of the most impressive simply for his ability to hang upside down for around 20 minutes without passing out. No mean feat.

 As I have already said and can't stop saying, this play was just excellent. Excellent cast who acted excellently in an excellently written play...I think that just about sums it up. You have to go and see it. That is all.

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