Friday, 20 December 2013


Dealing with loss is never easy, whether it is tragic or expected, whether they are young or old, whether you are close or not. A couple of weeks ago my grandmother passed away, who I was very close to, after battling various illnesses. So I was almost expecting the news. That did not make that day or today, the day of the funeral, any easier. I am truly thankful to my amazing family and friends who have been dealing with my vividly varied emotions in the past fortnight. They have been so exceedingly helpful. To also help me get through everything, I wrote this when I found's not perfect. I simply scribbled it in about 10 minutes but it comes from the heart.

Bye bye Grandma
you are in a better place.
So I'll try not to be selfish about this,
I'll try not to miss your face,
your huge smile,
your ever ready love.
And I hope you're chatting to everyone,
entertaining the heavens above.
In the meantime I will carry on here
and try to make you proud
in everything that I say and do.
I'll stand out from the crowd
so you can spot me easily
and keep an eye on me
because I need all the help I can get
to be the best I can be.
Don't abandon me completely,
please stay by my side.
I need to feel that you're still around
but you'll never be far from my mind.
Au revoir Grandma,
off you go to your new home.
I know you'll be looking down on me,
so I will never feel alone.

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