Monday, 6 January 2014

New Year's resolutions

New Year's resolutions are a bit of a weird thing really. People dwell on everything that they hate about themselves and endeavour to fix it. This resolve lasts for about a month...even less sometimes, before again we just accept our flaws and move on. Which is how it should be...we are who we are and the fact that we are starting a new year is not exactly going to change that. But that's a different blog post...

The reason that I believe that most people have problems keeping to their new year resolutions is because they think up too many. New year's resolutions should be broad goals that you can work towards throughout the year. When they become too specific or when you have too many, you lose faith with being able to achieve them. Plus, they should always be positive rather than negative to increase the likelihood of you achieving them. For instance rather than 'lose weight' you should have 'eat healthily'... Doing something positive makes you proactive in attempting to keep within your goals and overall your statistics raise success.

Despite my dislike of them, this year I have decided to make a couple of New Year Resolutions, just to keep myself in check over the year. And to make sure that this is the best year possible.

1. to make things happen - I am a terrible procrastinator and I have so many dreams but very little motivation. So this year I am going to try and make sure I actually carry out everything that I want to. If I want to travel, then to actually book a flight. To give getting published, a really good go. To meet up with the friends I want to see. To get that job I really want. Anything that I want, little or big, I am going to make it happen.

2. to not be a knob - sometimes I really don't like myself. Everyone has moments where they say or do things that they regret and hurt other people. So before these moments become too frequent and I turn into a dick without the ability to return to nice-dom, I am going to keep myself in better control.

Let me know what all your aims are for 2014...and I hope you have a happy and very successful new year.

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