Saturday, 8 February 2014

The Neck and Nominate craze

This latest craze that has been travelling spookily fast throughout Facebook, is cracking me up. There have been a few variations but the basic premise is that you make the dirtiest pint you possibly can and down it. You fill the glass with anything foody that you feel you are able to digest and every alcohol you have in the house. And then when you have downed this wonderful concoction, you nominate two or three of your friends to subject them to the same fate and they have 24 hours to complete their own challenge.

It has been whizzing through my university like wildfire and it took mere hours for me to be nominated, after it first hit my news feed. I added jam, salsa, cold tea, a little orange juice and lemonade to Malibu, tequila, martini and vodka. But this was mild compared to many of my friends who added things like absinthe, tuna, eggs, ketchup, soy sauce, porridge, cereal, a bit of curry, milk and out of date goodies from the fridge.

The big questions though - Who started this?  Why do we actually find it fun? And why is it so popular?

It is pretty vile. Having carried one out, I can tell you even when you try and do it mildly, it doesn't feel great. And actually, if you think about it, it is actually quite dangerous. Mixing that many spirits into a pint can lead to alcohol poisoning and other alcohol related injuries. Or at the very least, you are probably going to vomit, considering the amount of alcohol and food you are putting into a glass, which all just refuses to mix. University drinking culture seems to have moved on a step, where it is now not enough to simply drink lots of alcohol. You have to drink a lot of alcohol...all mixed together.

After saying all these bad things about it, I still took part as did every other person I know and the videos have taken on a pattern where everyone starts by calling their friend a knob for nominating them. Despite this, no one would dream of not actually taking part in the craze. I suppose you feel a kind of peer pressure/competition to consume something more horrible than your friend managed. And honestly, I did feel a small sense of achievement that, even though I was crippled by a hangover all day, I still managed to keep down that glass of disgustingness. That slightly positive feeling didn't last long though and probably did me more harm than good.

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