Sunday, 30 March 2014

Russell Howard's Wonderbox Tour

As I enter my final couple of months at university, stress levels are definitely high. Never before have I had so much work to do in so little time and had so much at stake if I don't do well. Which is why I was in desperate need of a night off. And, despite not being able to predict it when I booked these tickets a year ago, this was the perfect way to spend that free evening.

He started the show by reading out tweets he had received just prior to the event, stating that he 'didn't even need to be here. You guys are funnier than me.' He moved so effortlessly from this beginning ad libbing into his actual show that you couldn't actually tell when his set truly began. This was something that continued throughout the whole evening. He went off on massive tangents, as he often does when he is on television but somehow managed to hilariously come full circle and bring it back round to where he wanted it to be. So, although it probably was all planned, it did appear to be a special story he had produced just for us. This was the mark of a true professional and showed the huge amount of experience that he has.

I won't talk too much about his stories, just in case you guys are wanting to see the show, or you are waiting on the DVD. But believe me when I say - they are funny. There are a lot of sex jokes and he does talk about his penis (or his brother's penis) for about 90% of the time. Although I am not sure any of the females in the audience were complaining about that. He pretended to be a vagina for about 15 minutes, exploring what it would be like if they talk. And for the majority of the rest of the time, he was giving funny anecdotes from his family. Even though he was constantly taking the mick out of them, he does clearly have a genuine affection for all of them, particularly his Mum, which made everyone fall in love with a him a little more.

All I can say, is that you will not stop laughing from the minute that Russell starts talking. My stomach actually hurt within minutes and it is the perfect escapism from any other worries you might have. And on top of that, you feel as if you get to know him and his life. So I just have one final plea for Russell HowHard...please be my friend. I feel like it would make my stressed dissertation-filled life have so much more joy.

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