Saturday, 15 March 2014

Why I hate the library

Oh hey BlogSpot - long time no write.

There is just one word that is my excuse for this - dissertations. And yes, that is not just one, but two. Who else has to do that in the history of university? No one. Because no one is that insane. However, as I do a primary education degree but also specialise in English, I have to write one based somewhere in education and one more literary one. Excellent...

But unfortunately this means that I have had no life. In fact, I have done little more this term than go to the library, work a little and procrastinate a lot. Now anyone who knows me at all will realise what a huge deal this is. Because I properly HATE the library. Not that it isn't great. Reading University's library is one of the best I have ever come across with five floors holding millions of books. You can always find whatever you need in there, no matter how obscure the subject of the book is.

Despite this the library is also one of the most depressing areas of campus - you can immediately pick out my fellow final year undergraduates who are in there stewing over dissertations. They walk around, bumping into furniture as their towering piles of books block their view. Or they are the ones with laptops slung over their shoulders, striding with quick purpose from shelf to shelf looking slightly harried. And you can spot them hunting down that valuable text, inwardly praying no one has taken it from the shelf in the two minutes they have taken to reach the correct floor after searching for it in the catalogue. Or most commonly, they are viewed sitting at the desks, surrounded by papers, giving evils to every single student who dares to breathe in their vicinity. A few weeks ago I had the unfortunate experience where I walked into a pillar in the library, dropping all my books. Every surrounding head whipped round to stare at me aggressively. If looks could kill, I would have dropped dead right then. So majorly embarrassing.

I have to say that I do not fall into any of the categories mentioned above. I am part of the 'in denial' category where I am certain that if I just go and have a nap, this nasty bunch of words I have to write will simply disappear. And my fondness for procrastination is exactly why I loathe the library. Everyone is far too silently productive, it makes me anxious and slightly mortified that I am there, scanning Facebook for an hour while everyone else seems to have written 2000 words. I just fidget.

So anyone who is in their final year - I fully sympathise with everything you are trying to undertake right now. And you can be slightly reassured, however many words you have written, you will have completed more work than I have. Good luck and keep going, it is all nearly over.

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