Saturday, 17 May 2014

30 Days Blog Challenge - Day 10 - Discuss your first love and kiss

As I have already expressed on Day 01, I am very cynical about love and have never been in love. But rather than leave a day blank or repeat myself, I thought I would do some creative writing exclusively for this blog. I hope you enjoy it...

Waiting for you

I met you when I was 5 years old
a long long time ago,
back in the day when life was simple.
Back when we didn't know
what was to come in the future
all the stresses and the strains.
The love, the loss, the grief, the joy,
repeating again and again.

I have loved you since way back when
and I don't know what to do.
All I need are three little words
but I'm still waiting for you.

On that day when we were kids
you pulled my hair with a cheeky grin.
We played in the grass while our parents chatted
and you beat me at chess (but I let you win).
From that day on we were side by side
us against the town.
Just me and you, you and I, it's all we needed.
You never let me down.


In school you were a grumpy teen.
I got into music and dance, you played football.
I sang songs and you dated cheerleaders.
We stuck together through it all.
You held my hand when guys made me cry
and sat through my concerts and shows.
I instructed you when you went on dates
and cheered you on from the sidelines even though I froze.


Now we are adults, I haven't seen you in an age.
You sound happy when we talk on the phone.
Your new girls sounds perfect and I get you're so in love
but I'm feeling so alone.


I am so looking forward to seeing you today
but if you don't shut up about her, I'll go.
I'll leave, I'll run, I really can't take that now
I just don't want to know.
I enter the café and there you are.
You give me a peck on the cheek,
then pull out a great big bunch of flowers
which you hand to me before you begin to speak:
'I have loved you since way back when
and haven't known what to do.
I know you've never felt the same
but I have carried on waiting for you,
hoping and hoping you'll change your mind
and see that I am the one.
But I cannot wait any longer,
I am officially done.'
I step forward and stroke his cheek.
'All this time I've waited for you
and now you're here I can say at last,
just how much I love you.'

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