Monday, 19 May 2014

30 Days Blog Challenge - Day 12 - Bullet your whole day

I really wish this had been the title for yesterday's post because I had an incredible day in Bristol being flown around Somerset by my best friend who is training to be a pilot. But today has been pretty good too.

So at midnight, I was technically still up, drinking around a bonfire with my best friend and his neighbour. The night got a bit more nuts as we became more inebriated, no idea why and it involved pushing said friend around in a wheelbarrow, hiding his car keys, rolling around in the dewy grass and telling ridiculous jokes. We eventually gave up and chatted whilst eating some cake to try to take the edge of the didn't really work though.

We eventually went up to bed at about 2am - or I tried to anyway. It turned out that their cat, Phoebe was already very comfortable in mine and when I came in, she fixed me with a steely expression on her face as if to say 'What are you going to do about it?' In response I mercilessly turfed her on to the floor.

Woke up at about 9.30 which was unfortunate. I hate my body at the moment because every time that I have a hangover, my body wakes me up at a stupid o'clock in the morning. That way I can experience the whole hangover from 'Still Drunk' to 'Headache' to 'Feel sick' to 'Can face the world again'. It's like my punishment for daring to consume alcohol.

Needless to say the morning was very slow, trying to recover. We lounged in the conservatory, chatted to his Dad, watched television, had lunch, played bananagrams (if you don't know this game you should buy it - it's awesome) and generally just relaxed.

Eventually at about 2pm we headed into Bath for the afternoon. I love this town, it's so so pretty. We wandered around it a little but couldn't face going shopping so we just went down to the Weir. We witnessed the fire service carrying out an exercise in rescuing a drowning person and then felt we couldn't stand up any more so went to have a coffee. While we were there, we bumped into an elderly couple who were originally from Bracknell (near where I live) and traveling the south on a narrow boat. They were really lovely and answered our many interested questions. Sounds like a divine way to travel England.

I eventually said au revoir to my friend at about 5pm ish and headed back home where I spent a little while airing the house and generally unpacking and tidying before another friend came over at about 8pm. He'd finished his exams and subsequently completed his degree today so I was helping him to celebrate. Which of course included more alcohol and bananagrams. Whatever they say about university students being alcoholics is unfortunately completely true...your degrees will drive you to it. You have been warned.
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