Wednesday, 21 May 2014

30 Days Blog Challenge - Day 14 - Your earliest memory

I read somewhere that it is actually impossible to remember anything before the age of 5. And those memories that we think we have, are actually projections that we have imagined by looking at photographs. Or that we think we remember because of the stories told to us from our parents or other adults. However, I don't think this is true.

I have a number of memories from when I was little. Like when I reached the age of 4 and thought I was the most grown up girl in the world. Or when I used to be terrified of fire, so I would carry around a little plastic bag full of my most precious possessions. Or the day my sister was born when I was 5 and I was so overly excited.

My very earliest memory was at the age of three around the time that the above photograph was taken. My parents were building a house and they would occasionally bring me to the building site with them, leaving me in the care of my older brother who is pictured with me sitting on the foundations of what was to become the fireplace. I loved it and adored hanging out with my big bro who I absolutely worshipped (still do of course, Stu if you are reading this). What I was a lot more frightened of though, were the diggers. I remember being absolutely terrified that they wouldn't see me and would scoop me up. This is not a feeling that I think I was particularly vocal about because it surprised my parents when I told them this story a short while ago. And it is not something that you can imagine from a simple picture. I couldn't remember what we were doing in this picture (I was later informed that we were in fact playing telephones) but it is interesting that at that young age I was aware of my inferiority in terms of size. I understood that I was small and the diggers were large and dangerous. An interesting concept for a young child to grasp.

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