Friday, 30 May 2014

30 Days Blog Challenge - Day 22 - How have you changed in the past two years?

By the time I was 18, I thought I was done with growing. I had spent 7 years in a boarding school and survived. And while I wasn't really happy with who I was, I had come to accept that I wasn't going to change. I genuinely thought I was done...that was who I was and people would just have to deal with me, warts and all. It therefore surprised me greatly to find that I did continue to change and adapt once I started university in 2010. It just didn't occur to me that this would happen at all.

I don't believe that it is time that changes people at all... it's your experiences which shapes who you are. So it is the experiences who allow you to change and develop. It just so happens that, as you get older, you tend to have more of those and even as you leave your twenties and head into thirties you will continue to adapt to the new situations you are faced with. However happy you are with yourself, not one of you would want to be the same person in 10 years time.

The reason I didn't expect to change at all though, in the past couple of years is because I didn't see university as any different to boarding school. Which it obviously is. You continue to grow up, moving away from the stability of your parents, finding your own place, learning to deal with rent, bills and annoying people, juggling workloads, coping with stress...all these things contribute to your personal development. And it is so gradual, you don't even notice that it's happening. But I then looked back and I am definitely not the same person as I was when I started university or even that I was two years ago. Or, odder still, that I was a few months ago.

In some ways I am much more confident and in others I am much much less. But this doesn't worry me, as I know change will continue to happen throughout the rest of my life. And yes I have changed a lot in the past two years but so has everyone else around me. And, as uncomfortable as I am with some of these changes, I couldn't regret any of the experiences that I have had to make me this way, as I know that it is all part of a big bright future that is just around the corner. 

Like what I say?

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