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30 Days Blog Challenge - Day 24 - Your favourite movie and what it's about

As the Film and TV editor for my student newspaper, I watch a lot of films. I always know what it is on at the cinema and I have seen such a huge range that this question is hugely difficult to even consider cutting my massive list down at all, let alone choose just one. So I have given myself a few (and by few, I actually mean loads of) runner up films on top of my favourite movie. Hope you like at least a few of them.

The Runners-Up (in no particular order)
Pitch perfect
I love the theme of an unconventional group of people come together and manage to pull through to win against the odds. And who knew that Anna Kendrick was such a good singer?

Perks of Being a Wallflower
This is the only film where I do in fact prefer the film to the book. I felt that the character of Charlie was far more rounded in the film and I could care about him more because I understood him more. And that just didn't come across in the book. Which I know was the point but still...

My Week with Marilyn
Based on a true story, I love this little film. And with an all-star cast it's a complete winner.

Arthur Christmas
Even though it only came out a few years ago, this has become my favourite Christmas movie. It's action filled, humorous and includes all the feelings that are stereotypically associated with Christmas such as love. There's loads of love.

This list could have consisted purely of Disney and Pixar movies. But I felt I should be slightly more diverse. There is a big Frozen/Tangled debate that goes on about which is truly the best but I do think Tangled trumps it. Love the songs a lot, love the characters a lot, love everything about it.

The Lion King
This is a classic. End of.

It is very long and confusing but insanely good. All the characters are engaging, the plot is delightfully enthralling and it is action filled without being too jumpy.

The Green Mile
You have to be in the right mood to watch this is a little dense and takes energy to watch. But it remains to be the only film that has ever made me cry (I didn't even cry at Les Miserables). And I properly sobbed. Which just shows the depth of the characters that are portrayed.

Very lighthearted and just a nicely gentle comedy. There are some really funny moments, some great quotes and instantly relateable portrayals of jealousy and close friendship.

The History Boys
I watched this when it first came out in 2006, but being only 14 at the time I didn't really enjoy it that much. I re-watched it a couple of years ago though and found it absolutely hilarious. At 20 I was finally able to appreciate it. It has a great cast as well including a young James Cordon (famous for various comedy roles and writing) and Dominic Cooper (who has been in all sorts of things from the singing Sky in Mamma Mia, to the far more dark Uday Hussein in The Devil's Double).

Gritty and sexy, this is my favourite musical. I am not a huge fan of Renee Zellweger but she is absolutely fantastic in this, as is Catherine Zeta-Jones. Her solo dance in 'I can't do it alone' remains to be the one of the most skilled things I have seen on the big screen...she is a phenomenal dancer. And most of the songs still give me chills, even though I have watched the film hundreds of times. Everything about it is perfect.

And the winner is...
An Education
Expertly acted by a very young looking Carey Mulligan, this is the story of Jenny and how she is rudely forced to grow up. There are not that many films these days where you truly know a character inside and out, but this one you certainly do. You ride an emotional roller coaster with her, sharing all her joys and pain as she tries to find her place in the world.

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  1. Great film selections! I'm currently reading the Perks of Being a Wallflower and I totally agree with you that I'm preferring the film to the book.
    I haven't seen An Education but I love the films in your runner up part :)