Tuesday, 13 May 2014

30 Days Challenge - Day 06 - Write 30 interesting facts about yourself

I am not a very exciting person so I am not entirely sure that I will be able to reach 30 but here goes. Let's see how I do and you can judge how interesting you think they are.

1. My full name is Charlotte Elizabeth Coster
2. I am both the middle and the oldest child in my family - I came after Stuart and Marie-Louise (who are half siblings), but am older than Matt and Lizzie
3. I'm 6ft tall
4. I once dated a lecturer at my university
5. My older sister lives in Brazil
6. Two of my Dad's previous jobs were a racing car driver (which he gave up because he didn't want to die) and an actor (he has acted with Kenneth Brannagh and Judi Dench in the past)
7. I am a complete commitment phobe and have never been in a real relationship
8. I attended boarding school from the ages of 11-18
9. The first time I have ever been pick-pocketed was on New Year's Eve 2013 in Madrid. Only Ivy the Iphone was taken and she was replaced by Ida a few weeks later.
10. I play the clarinet to a distinction level at grade 8 (I also sing and play piano to grade 8 and 6 standards respectively)
11. I have suffered from anorexia since I was about 14
12. I have phobias of feet and spiders
13. I didn't own a mobile phone until I was 15
14. I have been to see 18 West End shows in less than 2 years (some of them twice)
15. When I was little I wanted to be an archaeologist and Time Team was my favourite programme (I was a nerdily cute child)
16. I had to do two dissertations for my course and spent more time in the library in the four weeks leading up to the handin dates than I did in the four years prior to that. I also cried every day for the two weeks prior to handing them in (not an exaggeration, it was stressful)
17. I once got so drunk I passed out on the pavement outside a club and got taken to a police station
18. When I was about 5 I had a crush on my neighbour, David, but our romance abruptly ended when he pushed me into a bramble bush - what a charmer
19. I own 62 dresses (and still never have anything to wear on a night out)
20. I can't step outside the house without putting on eye liner first (at least)
21. I have worn glasses since the age of 4
22. When I was 7 I walked into a lamp post and had to have two stitches in my eyebrow (there is now a small bald patch where the hair has never regrown)
23. I went to school with the England rugby player, Joe Launchbury and used to watch him play every week because I was dating another member of the First XV rugby team
24. In my final year of school I was made Assistant Band Captain of the marching band which I'd been a part of since I was 12
25. I have sung in Westminster Abbey and St Paul's Cathedral. And played the clarinet at Lord's Cricket Ground, the Lord Mayor's Show, St John's Smith Square, the Queen's 80th Birthday Parade and led the Disney Character's Parade in Disneyland Paris (my school marching band was awesome)
26. I have never owned a pet
27. I have never set foot in a KFC
28. I spent four years at uni training to be a teacher and then decided not to be a teacher
29. I never knew my grandfathers who both died before I was born. My grandmothers now have also passed away.
30. I hate milk and don't even drink it in tea

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  1. I put this on my facebook today, challenging my friends to see how many they already knew....and here are the rankings of those who dared to tell me...

    Joint first goes to (little brother) Matt and (oldest friend) Jo - 29
    (Little Sister) Lizzie - 28
    (Old housemate) Jo - 25
    (best friend) Jon - 22
    (Cousin) Rachel - 21.5
    (Godmother) Liz - 20
    (Current housemates) Hannah and Emily - 20
    (Best friend and writer buddy) Jack - 17.5
    (old friend) Ali - 17
    (best friend) Charlotte - 15
    (old housemate) Kim - 14
    (close uni friend) Luke - 12
    (close uni friend) Amy - 9