Sunday, 29 June 2014


Poetry Prompt Day 3 - A confusing figure of speech.


Why do we say
(when we're the happiest we have ever felt)
that we are

Surely it would be more accurate to say
 taken my breath away in love
                   around             love
skipping                     in

That is,
if it's as good
as everyone says it is.

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A Night's Terror

My poem for day 2 of the challenge has to be about something that scares me...enjoy.

A Night's Terror
When I was a young girl
I had a recurring dream
that I was running towards my Dad
but he acted like he hadn't seen
me and ran the opposite way
until my little legs were done.
He continued out of sight
and I toddled into the setting sun.
The world became darker
and I began to cry
sobbing for my Mum and Dad
who, no matter how hard I tried,
could no longer hear me.
They were far too far away.
The panic I felt in that dream,
has haunted me to this day.
I hate to be alone
it scares me more than anything else
because when you hate the person you are
it's hard to be by yourself.
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Saturday, 28 June 2014

Dear Me...

They always say that a poem a day keeps creativity at I have decided to enter into another blog challenge where I write a poem according to a different theme every day (although I have decided to intersperse them rather than actually post one every day consecutively).

This first one, is what I would like to say to my teenage self.

Dear Me...
Oh hi young Charlotte.
How you doing there?
This is you from the future
who has come to share
a bit of advice
about what you're going to find
when you head off to uni.
What it is that you've signed
yourself up for
in this big bad world.
What it is that happened
as your education unfurled.
I'm not going to say much
(don't want to ruin the surprise)
but what I will say is this:
you really opened your eyes.
You looked at the world
from more angles than one.
You looked down at the ground
and up to the sun.
You were both on top of the world
and as far down as its core;
both surfing the ocean
and washed up on its shore.
There was many a time
throughout these four years
when your heart was broken
and you couldn't hide your tears.
But there were times also
when your giggles couldn't stop
and you needed to climb no more,
you had reached the top
of the world you lived in.
And you were surrounded by
people that you adored
who were there when you cried.
What I'm trying to say
is there were ups and downs
but never give up
as you make it past those frowns.
Life has a way
of working itself out.
So try to enjoy it,
dance, laugh and shout.
I promise you Charlotte
that all is ok in the end.
Your tears will dry.
Your heart will mend.
What I will do next
I have no clues
but I've done alright so far
so I know I will choose
the right path to follow,
staying true to myself.
Making the best decisions I can
to keep me happy and in health.
But most of all, teenage me,
don't worry about us.
Don't overthink things too much
and stop making a fuss.
Everything is fine
and you're in safe hands.
All you need is to keep walking.
And I know you can.
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