Sunday, 29 June 2014

A Night's Terror

My poem for day 2 of the challenge has to be about something that scares me...enjoy.

A Night's Terror
When I was a young girl
I had a recurring dream
that I was running towards my Dad
but he acted like he hadn't seen
me and ran the opposite way
until my little legs were done.
He continued out of sight
and I toddled into the setting sun.
The world became darker
and I began to cry
sobbing for my Mum and Dad
who, no matter how hard I tried,
could no longer hear me.
They were far too far away.
The panic I felt in that dream,
has haunted me to this day.
I hate to be alone
it scares me more than anything else
because when you hate the person you are
it's hard to be by yourself.
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