Wednesday, 18 June 2014


To put it shortly, Durham is one of the most beautiful places I have ever visited. Tucked away in the North, not far from Newcastle, it is a proper (and rather scary) trek for this southern gal to undertake...7 hours on the Megabus no less. But it was more than worth it.

Full of woods, riverside walks, hills, cobbled streets and cute little alleyways, this town could not be so quaintly unique. It was packed full to the brim with cute little coffee shops and restaurants that made Durham seem a world away from the busy town where I go to university that is full of chains and shopping centres. I found myself wanting to try every single one so I had to spend the majority of my time eating while I was there. Which was all made possible by the fact the north is very cheap. Growing up in the slightly la-di-da West Sussex and attending university very close to London, means I am used to expense. You can go out for a meal or a night out and easily spend £25. If you are lucky. But in Durham, prices were half that. At one point a decent meal plus drinks came to less than £10 each - I couldn't believe my eyes. Northerners don't know how lucky they are. They are in for a shock if they ever come down to London.

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