Saturday, 28 June 2014

Exciting news

I am never normally one of those people who, after the return of an assignment, proudly puts a Facebook status announcing that I have received a first in that particular essay. 1. Because I think it's boastful and unnecessarily attention seeking. 2 because it makes other people feel bad if they haven't done as well and 3. because I would never get a first anyway. But the other day I did feel compelled to tell everyone that I have been awarded a 2:1 for my degree in Primary Education (with English specialism) by the University of Reading. I genuinely thought I was going to get a 2:2 so I was over the moon. I burst into tears, I just couldn't believe that I had made it and passed my degree in a satisfactory way. This time last year I was seriously considering dropping out, despite being 3/4 of the way through the course so I definitely couldn't see this day ever arriving. But I've made it.

For those of you reading this from around the globe or if you are younger than myself and therefore don't understand the grading system...a 2:1 is the second highest award you can receive. A first (first class honours) is the top grade and about as prestigious/difficult to achieve as an A* at A level. A 2:1 (second class honours division 1) is next and similar to an A at A level and then comes the 2:2 (second class honours division 2). While you can still do plenty with 2:2s it does make life a little harder in terms of finding a job or internship, many of which demand a 2:1 or above. And finally comes the Third if you receive a 40-50% average. It is the lowest pass grade, and you fail if you get below 40%. 

What annoys me most are those people who moan about getting a 2:1 because they were desperate for a first. To get a first you do need to get a top grade in every single exam, essay, assignment, presentation, everything... There is no room for error at all which is why it is so hard to get them. And if you mess up one exam, then that could be that. Which would be horrendous but you don't need to shout about it when the majority of people around you are happy with a 2:1. It is diminishing their achievement.

On Results Day everyone should be proud of themselves. Whether you get a first or a third, you have spent a lot of time and effort working towards this grade and we deserve to be pleased with ourselves for even making it through the three (or in my case, four) years. I am so so proud of every single one of my friends, and I feel each one has received a great grade that they deserve. Well done Reading University Class of 2014. Somehow, we did it.

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