Monday, 28 July 2014

Great summer reads

The holidays began a little while ago...for uni this was about 6 weeks ago or more, for private school, about a month and state schools/college broke up 2 weeks ago. So it's got to that stage: you have done your odd jobs, laid in the sun and eaten copious amounts of ice cream. And you don't want to admit it but you're now slightly bored.

But worry no more, because I have compiled the ultimate summer reading list to keep you entertained. I have tried to contain a mixture of books, old and new of all different genres so hopefully there will be something for everyone. Check them out...

The Fault in Our Stars by John Green
This has recently been released in the cinema, to very high acclaim and great reviews. But the book is obviously better. Saying that, the film is quite excellent and a very good representation of the book so you are safe doing both for a change. It's a bit of a tear jerker and really makes you think about life and what you value within it.

The Shock of the Fall by Nathan Filer
A really sensitively written novel containing experiences of mental health problems. It takes you a while to get into it but stick with it because it is really great and gives valuable insight into the innermost feelings of those suffering from a mental health disorder and how it began.

The Great Gatsby by F Scott Fitzgerald
A classic that you just have to read. It brings you back to the roaring 20s and displays the parties and dressing up to and restlessness that many young people can relate to today.

The Time Traveler's Wife by Audrey Niffenegger
A love story with a twist. Told in absolutely beautiful detail in a really realistic way.

Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn
A chilling but gripping thriller...will keep the pages turning

Twenties Girl by Sophie Kinsella
I really like Sophie Kinsella but I do think this is the best of her novels by far. The main character makes a very unlikely friend who gets her into all kinds of hilarious scrapes. Mostly involving men in some way. And a ghost. And a naked painting.

One Day by David Nicholls
An interestingly written book and the romance is not's more about friendship and comedy rather than anything else. But when it does come, it's so heartwarming, you'd never guess the author was male

And the Mountains Echoed by Khaled Hosseini
Hosseini's novels are just beautiful in general...with stunning descriptions and epic storylines that he doesn't shy away from

Room by Emma Donaldson
Another quite intense thriller, that keeps you hooked all the way through. Very readable and she has a wonderful style when dealing with some very daunting topics.

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