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Top 10 types of people you will meet during Freshers Week

Many of you will be starting university in the next week or so and during that initial week, you will be meeting a lot of different people. Some you will like and some you will want to throttle, but all of them will be a vital part of your university experience. Check out below a few different stereotypical people that you will be more than likely to meet and see how many you can spot once you start university.

The Lad
And by this I don't necessarily mean male...they can be female as well. They throw themselves wholeheartedly into the freshers week student stereotype ie. sleeping with everything that moves. Which is fine if that's what you want to do, and it's definitely good to get that out of your system now. But if you don't want to be a notch on the belt, you had better watch out for these people.

The homesick one
They have never been away from their parents before, never done washing before, never cooked a meal before. And are often very very close to their families, with a long term partner back at kind to them. They are going to find the first few weeks very tough.

The shy one
They are scared of large groups of people, they are nervous of new people, blush when someone of the opposite sex talks to them and so far have said about 10 words. But suddenly give them a few drops of alcohol and they are away, talking nineteen to the dozen about family, school, pets, hopes and discover they are enigmatic and hilarious. Draw them out of their shell gently, they are nice I promise.

The confident one
These are the people that you are sure you saw arrive just ahead of you but somehow seem to know what they are doing already and have pretty much everything sussed out. This is most likely because they already know people at university or have been to a uni before and dropped out...something like that. They are super laid back about the whole thing, very social and ultimately really nice people. Stick with them they will help you out as you are finding your feet.

The one desperately trying to fit in
To be honest, even though you have had some very in depth toilet cubicle conversations at 1 in the morning, you have no idea who these people are. They act one way with you, another with the rest of your flatmates and another way again with the opposite sex. They join every society and sport going, turn up at every single welcome talk and are definitely fun to be around. These are the people pleasers so they are often well liked but at the same time you are not entirely sure they are giving you their full attention/full personality. But this will be revealed eventually. Nobody can pretend to be someone else, forever.

The one who didn't come for their studies
They pretty much get drunk all the time and just about manage to crawl out of bed for the societies fairs. That's all. Nothing more. University is meant to be fun right? So writing essays is definitely not on the cards for these freshers.

The one who already knows people at the uni
You don't see much of them during fresher's week. A swift hello and then they are off to see their infinitely cooler buddies in the years above. They are introduced to a different circle of friends from you, their hangovers are far far worse, so of course they don't turn up to any of the welcome lectures (and they know full well that they don't need to) and seem to already know their way around campus.

The clingy one
Very similar to the shy one. You're in their flat, they come to know you reasonably well and are too nervous to get to know anyone else so they refuse to let you go. They follow you everywhere on nights out, sign up to the same societies as you and won't take your hints to go away while you are desperately trying to flirt with that ultra fit guy/girl. But be nice to them, they are trying their best in a situation they don't feel entirely comfortable. And you should be flattered.

The one looking for love
They don't really seem to like going out, but they are extremely social, especially with the opposite sex. They dress up nicely in their Hollister shirts and cute Topshop dresses every single day, and make sure their hair (and make up where applicable) is perfect. They are bound to become one of those statistics who finds their husband/wife at university.

The one who is worried about the £9000
They turn up to every welcome talk going, (even the useless 'how to log into the library computers' ones); they already have a timetable set out in their student planners and they put their student loan straight into a high interest savings account. They then refuse to drink too much throughout the week as they don't want to be hungover for those all important sessions and they explore every single opportunity going. They are absolutely determined to make this £9000 worth it.

Are you starting university in the next few weeks? - let me know in the comments.
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  1. Haha, I love this! I'm starting in two weeks, I wonder who I'll turn out to be? :)


    1. Haha good luck! What uni are you headed to?

    2. Thanks :) I'm going to Keele to study Physiotherapy!

    3. That sounds like hard work :) hope you have loads of fun :)

  2. Freshers week seems to be bringing a lot of people out of their shell already, I'm sure I'll see a few of these characters in the weeks to come!