Monday, 24 November 2014

Bloggers Gift Swap

It's exactly a month until Christmas Eve and it's safe to say that I AM EXCITED. I love Christmas and everything about it - the food, being surrounded by family, the decorations, the songs, the communal stress of buying presents. It's all such good fun.

This year I am even more excited than usual because I am taking part in my first ever, bloggers' gift swap event. Run by @ViolaHelen_ who writes over at A Piece of Viola, the idea is simple. We send in our details, she pairs us up and then we get to know our partner...after which we send off a little box of goodies. And receive one in return. I can not wait and I will update you on every step that I take in the lead up to the event. So stay tuned =]

If you are a UK Blogger and want to get involved, there are still a few days left to sign up. But hurry, you have to send in your details by the 28th November. Click here to find some detailed instructions from Viola herself -

And if you are taking part do give me a shout. You never know, we may be paired up =]

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