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They say a poem a day, means creativity will for my very own advent calendar, I wrote a rhyme every day according to what was in my head at that particular moment about different aspects of Christmas. You can see my excitement building throughout the month.
Alsooooo pay special attention to the beginning of each poem. There is a little sentence that has been hidden within them so see if you can work out what it is.

1st December - written with Black Friday (28 November) and Cyber Monday (1st Dec) in mind
Christmas is right around the corner,
less than a month away
but it still feels like ages
until that special day.
Shops are packed with people
trying to find something nice
to give to their special loved ones
but at a reasonable price.
It's then the world turns vicious
but we should all just chill out
because peace, love and good-will to all men
is what Christmas is all about.

2nd December
How many millions of pounds
does Christmas cost each year?
When we're buying hundreds of presents
and spreading the Christmas cheer.
Decorations, gifts and food,
Alcohol, crackers and cards.
Trying to save all that money
can sometimes be really hard.
Especially for us poor students
who struggle all year round
coz to buy all these presents,
extra money has to be found.
So be careful what you wish for
on your special Christmas day
as someone might be broke
and doesn't want to say.

3rd December
Right now I'm not excited
about the prospect of Christmas Day.
It doesn't seem like it's happening
as it's still so far away.
I'm in a bubble of denial,
shutting it out of my head
so I can worry about it later
and think of other things now instead.
Like 'what shall I blog about next'
and 'what stories shall I start to write?'
'What am I going to wear today?'
and 'what am I going to eat tonight?'
Christmas can take a backseat
for at least another week
Then I really should begin to think
about those prezzies I need to seek.

4th December
It's so cold outside at the moment;
the wind whistles through the trees.
Then rushes across the fields and roads
until it reaches me.
It rustles all the leaves on the hedgerows
causing them to dance.
It makes the animals shiver
and I don't stand a chance
in my thin winter clothes
that never protect me enough,
against that icy stroke
which I feel in its gentle puff.

5th December
Singing carols at Christmas,
is definitely part of the fun.
A chance to truly relax,
once your jobs for the day are done.
Traditional hymns in a church
celebrating that special night
or shouting along to the popsongs
yelling the words with all your might.
They are so upbeat and cheery,
they don't fail to make me smile.
And I forget everything I have to do,
just for a little while.
Whether that's wrapping countless presents
or helping to prepare the food,
the joy of the Christmas songs,
always gets me in the mood.

6th December
Town has become so busy
because of the Christmas rush
as everyone bumps into each other
trying to find the perfect stuff
for all their family and friends
to give on that special day.
They search for the perfect items,
and use them to say
just how much those people
are simply so great.
And how they mean a lot to you
and how meeting them was fate.
How life is perfect with them there
and how you don't want them to change
but to be absolutely honest, I find
all this a little strange.
Why do you need to give them presents
to show them how you feel?
Why don't you simply tell them
how they are a huge deal
and life would be darker without them
and you don't know what you'd do
if they hadn't stayed loyally at your side
consistently loving you.

7th December
My Christmas hours have been announced
and this month I'm working so much.
Which will mean I miss out on loads of fun:
Christmas meet ups, shopping sessions and such.
But it's all ok because with the money
I can buy my family gifts,
finding out what they truly need
and what they've specified for Santa's list.
But far more important--Christmas week I'm free
so I can travel to my parents' home
and spend some time with them on the special day
to ensure that they are not alone.

8th December
As we creep ever closer to Christmas,
the shopping rush becomes more intense.
People panic although we are two weeks away
and the crowds are far more dense.
I know I have to do my shopping sometime
but with all these people here,
I think my family will be lucky
if they receive their presents next year.

9th December - challenged myself to write a rhyming haiku which I have never managed before
Six months of the year
my excitement mounts. Can't wait
til Christmas is here.

10th December - I was playing with form today. As we are in day 10, I wrote a 10 line poem with the line number indicating how many syllables is going to be in that line. And because I am always always surrounded by a million family members at Christmas, I wanted to imagine what it would be like to have no one at all. And I came up with this:

go by
and I grow
cold. Who will light
my fire? Who will
hold me tight? Christmas is
a time of love and I am
so alone right now. I want to
feel happiness just once this year and
now is perfect to attempt a smile.

11th December
Any day now, I hope
the festive spirit will engulf me,
dressing up like Santa
must be the key.
So I get down a big red coat,
put a black boot on each foot,
fetch a massive sack for presents
and cover my face in soot.
That's when my Mum walks in
and jumps backwards in fright.
I hadn't a chance to look in the mirror
but I really did look a sight.

12th December
Yesssssss Christmas is here.
Oh no, I read the date wrong,
we've still got two weeks to go.
Why does December have to be so long?

13th December - I managed another rhyming Haiku
In under two weeks,
children will be SO hyper
they will not contain their shrieks.

14th December - I decided to write a Shakespearean sonnet for Santa. As you do.
Santa baby, you are the one for me:
the one who, when I close my eyes at night
and am drifting off, I continue to see,
whizzing through my dreams til dark turns to light.

Your huge white beard and ever-smiling face,
your coal-black boots and bright red attire
are enough for you to stand out in any place.
From looking at you I could never tire.

Your selfless attitude makes you the best
as you live purely for giving to the young
This is what makes you better than the rest
and this is why songs about you are sung.

I hope I am worthy of you, my love
as I sing your praises to the heavens above.

15th December - I called this one The Christmas Carols get Confused
Hark the herald angels sing -
we wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year.
So deck the halls with boughs of holly,
(the holly and the ivy)
and come all ye faithful
for once in royal David's city,
the Virgin Mary had a baby boy
while shepherds watched their flocks by night.
In little town of Bethlehem,
amid the winter snow,
Good King Wenceslas looked out
to see three ships come sailing in
with we three kings of Orient
to hear the bells on Christmas Day.
Ding dong merrily on high
just hear those sleighbells jingling,
and ring, are you listening?
So although the weather outside is frightful,
and in the bleak midwinter the frosty wind made moan,
go tell it on the mountain.
Have a holly jolly Christmas.

16th December - sing these words to the tune of Hark the Herald Angels Sing
Every inch of ground is covered
with a sweet but icy frost.
Makes my nose and fingers frozen
as I cry bout Christmas cost.
All those cards and gifts so dear
that I wish I needn't buy.
But it would seem weird if not.
It's so expensive, I might just cry.
Maybe I should make my gifts
to show they come from my heart instead.

17th December - trying a different rhyme scheme as all my poems are similar
Right around the corner,
I can see the night is near
so embrace that Christmas cheer
and do not stress about the day.

I know it's hard to do this
but relax and have some fun.
Most of the shopping is done
so settle down and enjoy.

Get some alcohol in,
place your family all around you
then raise a glass or two,
for the loved ones who aren't here.

18th December
Eat until you can stuff in no more,
sing festive carols until your throat is sore
and let your voice ring out.
Drink until you are on the floor
spend time with those you should see more,
this is what Christmas is all about.

Not the presents or the fuss
the stress or the rush,
but spending time with your loved ones
for once. Ignoring the stresses of everyday life,
and the people who give you strife
Spend time with your brothers, sisters, parents, daughters, sons...

19th December - 19 syllables for 19 days
Anyone want
Christmas to be here right now?
Not long to go
but I can't wait.

20th December
Turkey eater,
Could wrap neater,
Wine sipper,
Paper ripper,
Board game winner,
Too full for dinner.

What is this lovely time of year,
the one that's filled with all the cheer?
I hope you guessed that it's Christmas Day,
and have a merry one, I truly pray.

21st December
Less than 5 days to go
I really hope it starts to snow
so that we can have a proper Christmas which is white.
Now wouldn't that be a wonderful sight?

Better start holding back on the food I eat
say no to all those extra treats,
because I want to make sure that I still have space
for when I truly start to stuff my face.

22nd December
All at once, I start to think,
what if Jesus had not been born?
What if Mary hadn't become pregnant?
What if he wasn't alive that Christmas morn?
What if the animals went undisturbed?
What if the shepherds continued to watch their sheep?
What if the Angel Gabriel never talked to Mary?
What if the Wise Men's gifts, they decided to keep?
What if there was no star in the sky?
What if there was truly no place to stay?
What would we celebrate on the 25th December
if we didn't have a Christmas Day?

23rd December
So long to this year,
for it's nearly at the close.
Let's celebrate it in style,
ignoring all the lows.
We should focus on the highs
and what has been great,
then bring all that joy
into this very important date.

24th December
Christmas is (almost) here
Drink up
and fill it with loud cheer.
along to your favourite song
all day long.
until you belly is about to pop
from the morning and just don't stop.

Just enjoy yourself
and celebrate in every way
that you can think of
because this is a special day.

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  1. A poem every day of Advent - not bad going at all! I liked the theme you carried through right til the "last".

    I will try to visit when I can; I have also followed you on Twitter. I found you through Yasmin's Bookshop Cafe Group blog thread. :)