Saturday, 20 December 2014

When does Christmas truly start?

As the years go by, Christmas seems to start earlier and earlier. The carols start playing in the shops a little earlier, the Christmas displays go up a little earlier and it is forced down our throats for half of the year. No longer is it just a few days at the end of December but a massive corporate machine of events, which stretches out the festivities for as long as possible. Take a look at this post to see the dates for when Christmas can actually be said to begin.

23rd December - Work holidays start
Us working folk have the short end of the stick, having to wait until it's basically Christmas Eve to start our holidays. I always feel like I can't truly relax until I finish my work responsibilities and it's after that, when I can embrace the festivities.

around 19th December - School Holidays start
Kids are a little luckier than us and get a few extra days. But this may not be a truly accurate representation of when they start getting excited about Christmas because teachers have been revving them up for a while. What with all the Christmas themed activities and the concerts/nativities/plays, the kids are buzzing by the time they are free from school.

1st December - Advent Calendars start
Well, at least we are in the right month. A lot of people I know, most ferociously my older brother, refuse to acknowledge Christmas until we are in this month and the countdown begins. He thinks just over three weeks of preparation is more than enough. And it is really. You can easily buy all the presents, food and alcohol you need if you are smart about it.

20th November - Christmas Lights Turn On
Towns suddenly turn into twinkly winter wonderlands, with lights adorning all the buildings, a massive Christmas tree in the centre and many other decorations besides. If this doesn't make you begin to start thinking about Christmas I don't know what will.

around 10th November - Christmas Adverts
In the society we live in today, the media is king and controls us in very weird ways. Which means that TV adverts have now turned into an event. In particular the Coke advert with the famous red truck and the John Lewis Advert, which in recent years has become an integral part of our festivities. I actually find myself looking forward to what they are going to bring out next which is the most ridiculous thing ever.

1st November - the Festive Lattes
The Starbucks and Costa Christmas coffees are actually one of my favourite things about the festive period. They are so yummy and I look forward to them coming out every year, which they do the minute that Halloween is out of the way.

middle of October - Christmas Lights first go up
They may not be turned on for another month or so, but you can see them begin to go up even before Halloween is out of the way. It is a kind of ghostly representation of how Christmas is creeping up on us even then.

July - shops receive their Christmas deliveries
This is not even an exaggeration. We trip over Christmas items in the stockroom for months before we actually put the displays up. And this enables us to sneak in mini Christmas displays before all the craziness hits the shelves sometime in October. Which is still absurdly early to be honest

January - When you buy your first present
They always say preparation is key. So using the January sales to buy gifts and Christmas cards, is sensible really. And it means, you can spread out the joy for the entire year. Hooray.

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