Monday, 5 January 2015

Why Every Year is a Great Year

Around this time of year, every conversation I have/overhear/witness seems to be about new year's resolutions. Everyone becomes obsessed with the idea of a 'new you' and can't stop talking about, how they are going to change themselves.

As if changing one digit within the date is going to make a whole lot of difference, we all embrace the new year, and believe that we can start again. We can fix all our mistakes, change all those traits that we don't like about ourselves and become a generally better person. And although I know I am not going to succeed, I do exactly the same thing. I make all sorts of resolutions about what I want to I am going to be smarter and fitter and look after myself better. But more importantly than that, I believe that this is going to be the best year ever. The year where things happen - where I find a boyfriend or become a published author or somehow make my millions. Or even feel like I have found my place within the world.

I do this every year. But every year without fail, I reach the end of it, feeling slightly disappointed that it has been so inconsequential. Again. And I am not smarter, richer or prettier than I was any other year.

However an 'inconsequential' year should not be disappointing. Yes I may not have cured cancer or invented a time machine, but each year has been fun, entertaining and important to me in various ways. And, on top of that, important for my general development. You can't remember the time when you were a baby, yet you still developed as a human being and the lessons you learnt then were so important in allowing you to take the next steps of life. It's exactly the same now. And you should never do yourself out of any achievements, however small they have been.

So I am going to look back on the year of 2014 and celebrate the fact that I graduated. Which to be honest, is no small achievement and was a long time coming. Additionally, I will celebrate all those little victories which matter to no one but myself. And rather than dwelling on what didn't happen over the past year, I am going to think about what did happen.

For once, forget about making new year's resolutions. Just relax and live your life, doing the things that you enjoy doing without fear of judgement or trying to fit in with anyone else. Make the year what you want it to be. And make sure you do raise a glass or two for yourself. Because you are fabulous and you deserve it.

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  1. Aw I love this, I agree that we focus too much on the next year rather than taking time to admire what we have actually done in the year that has just finished!

  2. I absolutely adore this philosophy! Your last paragraph was brilliant, words to live by!!

    Lots of love from Alice at

    1. yayyyy thanks, that's so kind of you to say. It's so so important to try and live positively =] x