Saturday, 28 February 2015

Getting to Know Me - My favourites

So this is my last article in the Getting to Know Me blog series. Sniff sniff.

I have absolutely loved writing these blogposts, and according to the bits of feedback I've received from you guys, you have clearly enjoyed getting to know me a little bit as well.

Next month is going to see a brand new feature being added on to my blog so make sure you keep your eyes peeled for that.

But for now, read on to discover all about My favourite...

Colour - this changes depending on what mood I am in. But I love teal at the moment. Such a flattering colour to wear and it just looks lovely.

Smell - I love the smell of bonfires and roasts cooking. But my ultimate favourite odour is the way the world smells after it has been raining. It just smells so fresh and clean, like everything bad has been washed away. I love it so much.

Season - Has to be summer. It's my birthday. The sun is out, we have more free time and everyone is generally happier. Plus I love going to the beach which is obviously the best when it's warm.

Youtuber - This is a tough one but I think this has to be Jon Cozart who runs the Youtube account Paint. If you haven't seen his videos, go and check them out now. He is crazily talented at singing and songwriting and editing and everything. They're great.

Month - I think it is June. The days are getting longer, it is far sunnier than it ever has been and you have the excitement of summer holidays and festivals to look forward to. Nothing can beat that anticipation.

Thing to do with my free time- I have an endless list, including writing creatively, going to the theatre, reading, going for long rambling walks, sitting in coffee shops, visiting family or friends. But I think my ultimate is - exploring a new place. Nothing can beat that feeling of excitement as you curiously amble round a new town (whether that's abroad or in your own country) taking in a brand new culture and breathing in some new air.

Number - 27. It was my house number when I was at boarding school.

Alcoholic Beverage -  any cocktail will do. But stuff with Malibu is normally my favourite. It just tastes of summer.

Food - roast dinners, chicken Caesar salads, brie, chocolate brownies, sweet potato fries and pizza are all in the running. But cheesecake is my ultimate favourite food. Slug and Lettuce does an amazing Amaretto cheesecake which is incredible. Best dessert anywhere.

City - Florence, Italy. It's such a wonderful city, I loved it. There are great shops, great places to eat, lots to see and do.  

Item of clothing - I live in dresses, and I own this beautiful black one with lace cut outs which I adore.

Animal - giraffes. I feel affiliation with them due to us both being so tall.

Country - There's no place like home  (England) and out of loyalty I have to say that. But I also love Italy. It is truly beautiful, the food is amazing and the culture is wonderful.

Theatre Show - I go to the West End a lot and the best two musicals I have seen there are Hairspray and the Lion King.

Singer - Amy McDonald. I love her voice, it's very unusual and her songs always tell such a story.

Items to Spend Money On - books and stationery without a doubt. My personal library is growing weekly, and it doesn't help there's a great second hand bookshop not far from where I live. And the rest of my money I spend on notebooks. I have hundreds, all quietly waiting to be filled with my literary ramblings.

Clothes Shop - this changes regularly but I love love love Miss Selfridge and River Island at the moment. Some lovely dresses in there.

Book - The Time Traveller's Wife by Audrey Nifenegger and The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern. Also Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell. If you haven't read those three, you must.

Film - This is so so difficult but I think I have to say An Education, starring Carey Mulligan. Great film about growing up and learning about life. Has some really funny moments.

Blogpost I have written - To choose just one seems disloyal so at the end of last year I wrote  a blogpost showcasing The Top 10 Articles I have written so make sure you check out some of those out because they are quite entertaining. And so far this year I absolutely loved writing The A-Z of Charlotte and Theatre Etiquette so check them out too =]

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