Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Celebrating the top lady in my life

The other day was International Women's Day so, in order to celebrate that, plus the fact it is Mother's Day in a few days time, I thought I would give a bit of a shoutout to my Mum. She always reads my blog, and I haven't told her I am doing this. Therefore it should be a nice surprise.

Because quite frankly I am a pretty rubbish daughter. I am argumentative and stubborn, and think I know best and am fiercely independent but at the same time I rely on both my parents in a really huge way.

If anything goes wrong - anything at all - I go to her. I literally ring her for everything. If I have to make a big decision I ask her advice (and then ignore it, but I pay attention to some of it, I promise); I update her on my life constantly; I moan and whine and cry; I ask her how to deal with people who are being rubbish and, if I am ill, I always ring my mum before anyone else. Even before the doctors. She used to be physiotherapist so if I have pain anywhere, she is genuinely qualified to give me good advice. And she is pretty hot on every other type of illness as well - she's very good at homeopathic remedies and stuff. So, as I hate taking medicine and distrust doctors, I normally do what she tells me. That way, I can normally miss out the doctors altogether. Yay.

She is also one of these rare women who is ridiculously unselfish. Don't read that wrong - I said UNselfish. I don't know if that's just a trait of mothers in general but it's something I really value in people. She has given up so so much for me and my siblings. She event parted with us for weeks at a time while we attended boarding school, a move that must have been so difficult for her but she did it because she knew ultimately that we would receive the best education there. And that's what she wanted more than anything. She (and my dad) scrimped and saved and sacrificed so much so they could afford to send us there (anyone who tells you that you have to be rich to go to boarding school, is so wrong). Even now, she would be more likely to lend me £100 than to buy some new clothes.

I now feel like I am gushing - she is not some sort of saint, she's a pain in the arse as well. Obviously. We have a very healthy, argumentative relationship. But I am not very good at showing affection so I thought it was time I should just announce in public how much she means to me, and how much darker my life would be without her. Love you Mum.

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