Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Choosing a book

Choosing a new book to read is HARD.

Unless you are complete book nerd, I doubt you can actually imagine the struggle we go through. But believe me, it is a serious decision that has to be thought through carefully. Firstly you have to assess what kind of a mood you are in, then you have to decide the genre based on that mood. Next you have to decide how much you really want to concentrate on a book (do you want to have a short and snappy easy read, or a more detailed descriptive book which completely encompasses you and allows you to hide from the world?) And then, when you have all those answers, you have to choose the book itself.

You might be alright if you are just choosing from your own personal library. You will probably only have a few books that fit into the category you have specified from the above questions. And then it's just a case of eeny meeny miney mo really. Although it still takes me about half an hour to choose a book. So much so, I have actually created a lucky dip system to help me. Every time I buy a new book (which is on average about 3 a week. oops) I write down the title on a post it and place it in a box. So when I am ready for a new book and I can't choose, I can simply pull one out. More often than not, I put it back and choose another, but it does force me to make a decision of sorts.

Choosing from a bookshop is another kettle of fish. The choice is so overwhelming. Therefore I never dare to go in there, if I have finished a book and don't know what to read next - I don't want to cause some kind of breakdown.

I only go into a book store if I have a recommendation that I am looking for. And then, of course, I get distracted by the millions of other books that are just begging me to buy them. I am not like other people though. Covers don't bother me at all. What is my bait is the title. It has to have to a good title, otherwise I won't give it another thought. Next up, the hook is the blurb. It has to grip me and attach me firmly to the book. It has to intrigue me and it has to give me a tantalising idea into the personality and life of the main character. Too little and I won't be bothered enough to read the book, too much and I will feel like I can't gain anything more in reading the whole book. And then the delightful rod, is of course the whole book itself, reeling me into a brand new, fascinating world. Which is probably a lot more interesting than mine.

And that's what reading is all about - blissful escapism. Where you can forget your own troubles, in favour of someone else's. All you need now, is the perfect book to help you out.

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  1. Haha...this is so me! Well, I don't do the lucky dip, but the struggle to pick books in a bookshop is real. When I eventually do, the struggle to pick out the one I'll start with is even more real *sobs*

    1. It's so so hard isn't it?? First world problems ;) but you should try the lucky dip system. It actually really works because it forces you to make a decision.