Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Falling in love with heroes

I really hope this isn't just me.

As you might be able to tell from this blog (or my twitter if you follow me), I am a little obsessed with books and films. I say, a little. I mean, completely. I genuinely only spend about 30-40% in the real world, and the rest of the time I am encompassed within some other fictional world.

Recently I watched Insurgent which has just come out in the cinema. I had seen Divergent for the first time only a few months ago and became absolutely obsessed with Theo James. Like I fell properly in love with him (if I met him, who knows what I would do. Probably faint). So of course, I started to seek him out on YouTube to see him in interviews and stuff like that. And while I still liked him - he is literally the funniest guy in the world plus really good looking - I didn't feel quite as deeply for him as I had when I was watching the film.

And this made me realise that I didn't actually fancy Theo James at all. It was his character, Four, who I had fallen so heavily in love with. The way he looks, dresses, acts, speaks and what he specifically says, that of course isn't the actor at all. It is Four and he has been instructed to act that way so he can inspire certain feelings in those that watch the film.

The idea is you are meant to fall in love with him and all the other heroes that books and films present to you. When authors write their characters, they want you to relate to the hero and/or heroine and therefore go through everything they are going through, alongside them. And this is not just the bad things the happen to them, but the good ones as well such as falling in love. The character is meant to be desirable and have certain characteristics which will make the heroine fall in love with him (and vice versa). So, if you empathise with her, you will also find him attractive (and, again vice versa).

I always throw myself into books and films wholeheartedly, imagining the people are real. So I become completely emotionally invested in the outcomes that occur. And I definitely fall in love with every single hero I meet along the way. No wonder I am single. I don't have the emotional capacity for a real boyfriend as well =] Please tell me I am not the only one? Who are your top fictional crushes?

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  1. This reminds me a bit of the Tom Felton Superfan documentary on BBC Three - I watched it last night and it did touch on the attachments fans form to the characters rather than the actors portraying them! I used to fall dramatically in love with characters in books, although now I'm going through a phase of reading rather horrific crime fiction so it doesn't occur quite so frequently these days (thank goodness, not sure what that would say about me!)


    1. Ooh I was going to watch that. Is it any good? They are so easy to love, though and they are just there and stay the same, always ready to be loved. Hahaha that would be weird x