Monday, 30 March 2015

The Ideal Home Show

I am a little nuts when it comes to home décor kind of stuff. But because I am still living in furnished, rented housing at the moment, I have no space to stretch my creative wings. This doesn't stop me, however. I am definitely the type of girl who will quite happily spend her afternoons in House of Fraser, lusting after the beautiful set ups they have on display. Therefore, when I was invited to the Ideal Home Show in Kensington Olympia (thanks Hilary's Blinds, you literally made my weekend) it was actually a dream.

I am not furnishing a house right now, so downstairs was not all that relevant to me. It had all the sofas, dining tables, garden furniture, kitchens, bathrooms you would expect. I did wander around there a little because I find the room set ups absolutely fascinating. The interiors are just so beautiful. I like to pretend, it is my house - don't ask, I am crazy.

Where I spent most of my time, was upstairs. And here was the really interesting bit. This had all the homeware items and I had to be really really careful not to spend hundreds of pounds. Because I could have easily. There was some beautiful art, which I was very tempted by. And a huge amount of what my Dad would call 'pretty junk' - the type of things that look really pretty sitting on a shelf, but actually serve no purpose. What really held me back was lack of space where I currently live. You just wait until I get my own place...

But there were a few bits I couldn't resist. Firstly this clock. I just loved it. And considering we put the clocks forward an hour on the day I visited, I thought it was very fitting.
I also bought these from Alexander Interiors. I love this kind of inspirational stuff. It took me ages just to pick these three. But I got there in the end. Thank you to the lovely guy on the stall - who was so patient with me and retrieved all the canvases I wanted. Of course, I had to choose the ones which were at the very back.

I then was absolutely starving so headed into the food area. Which didn't help my hunger at all because there was so much to explore, I had to have a complete look around first. It was probably another hour at least until I had lunch). I did nibble on a few free samples (in fact I had so many wine samples that I started to get a bit tipsy but shhh...don't tell anyone). There was a fascinating variety from coffee to tapas to duck wraps (which is what I eventually went for. YUM) to chocolate to fudge to hog roast and everything inbetween.
I do need to become more skilful in the art of running away from stall holders I don't want to talk to though. I am just too friendly and tend to smile at them, which only encourages them to try and sell me something that I know I will never buy. This led to one guy cleaning my glasses for me. Which was very kind and all but when he was showing me how sparklingly clean they were, I couldn't actually see anything. A bit of a flawed sales tactic there. And then another guy was trying to guess my age...he came up with 27. 27??? 27????? Really??? I know it's not exactly old, but late twenties sounds a lot older than early 20s. Maybe I should have bought the night cream, he was trying to sell me.

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  1. I love shows like this but I live in such a small flat that it doesn't seem worthwhile. I am already looking forward to moving somewhere bigger next year, then it will be more relevant!

    I turn 27 next week... it's not old! Hrmph.

    Aisling | aisybee.

    1. Haha nope, I wasn't dissing 27 year olds :P I am fine being mistaken for a 27 year old. When I am 27. Not ok when I am 22. Then again, it's not like he said 57 =]

  2. Oh I get such home envy when walking around exhibitions like this :) we aren't buying anything for our place at the moment though as every spare bit of cash is going into the wedding! Hopefully next year though, I really want a new sofa...
    And I turn 27 in a couple of weeks too haha! Not quite sure how that happened (what do you MEAN I'm not 21 anymore?!) xx

    1. I do too. I really want my house to look like something you would find in a magazine. But I think I am going to get overexcited and just fill it with loads of random clutter haha xx

  3. I'm glad I wasn't the only one getting typsy on the free samples of wine

    1. It really adds up doesn't it? I didn't really notice how much I was drinking until I walked into someone. Then again, that's easily done as well - the place was rammed