Thursday, 30 April 2015

My Travel Bucket List

I have been lucky enough that over the past couple of years I have been steadily ticking things off my bucket list. I have gone on a gondola ride in Venice, climbed Mount Vesuvius, seen the Mona Lisa in Paris, and visited a Speakeasy bar in New York. I have brought in the new year by stuffing grapes in mouth in Madrid, touched Juliet's boob in Verona, seen Anne Frank's tiny world in Amsterdam and drank Guinness in Dublin. And all these things have been amazing. So what else would I possibly want to do?

The answer = a lot.

Of course it is. I often describe myself as a restless wanderer and no title could fit me better. I am forever trying to see new things and have new experiences. I am hungry for it. So when I was asked to only discuss my top 3, my brain went AHHHHH...NO I REFUSE. And I spent a good couple of hours, trying to whittle it down from a list that had at least 30 different locations on it. But this is what I finally decided were my top 3 travel destinations.

USA - visit all 50 states
As you can see on my blog, I had my first little taste of America a matter of weeks ago, when I visited Boston and New York. But now I want to see MORE. ALL OF IT, in fact.

When I was in year 11 and attending boarding school, me and my best friend (who shared a room with me) decided that we wanted to learn the 50 states of America. Don't ask why - we didn't even know what all the counties of England were called. I still don't. But we managed it and now, if anyone asks, I can reel them all off without a problem. A skill which, surprisingly enough, isn't actually that useful, except very occasionally when I am doing a crossword or taking part in a pub quiz.

America is just so big and therefore it is made up of so many unique cultures. You can visit two states that are right next to each other and they are completely different. Which is why I don't want to miss anything out. It's like travelling to England and going 'oh well, I have seen Europe now. Done.' You just wouldn't do that.

This country has been off limits to me for a very long time. Let me explain...

I first caught the travel bug when I was around 18 or 19 years old. And I started jetting off everywhere. Which made my little sister, who was around 13 at the time (and still stuck in boarding school), very jealous. So she decided when she finishes boarding school herself, we would go on a trip somewhere to celebrate. And until that time, I was NOT to visit that country at all. It would be our place, that we would BOTH experience for the first time together. And the place we picked was Greece.

Which is very unfortunate for me because Greece is beautiful and I have wanted to go there for years, ever since I studied Classical Civilisation for GCSE. I don't know whether it is just a perverse reaction to my sister's banning me from the country or whether I genuinely really really want to go but recently it has become a bit of a personal Mecca for me. There is just so much culture and food, so much history and so many beautiful islands and towns. I want to visit all of it but Athens, Santorini, Delphi, Olympia, Rhodes, Mycenae, Crete (I tried to get by this one by saying technically it was an island off Greece, but she still didn't let me go) are top - the list goes on and on. Maybe we should go interrailing and see lots of it, instead of staying in one town. So much to explore, my brain can't cope.

I think you should all be proud of me though - I stayed true to my promise for four years and have never set foot on Greek soil. I only have one more year left to wait thank goodness.

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Prince Edward Island, Canada
I am a total literary nerd. But despite this, and despite the fact I studied Anne of Green Gables at university, I didn't realise the island where it was set, was actually a real place until fairly recently. HOW?? Something was missing from my university education, if they didn't even tell me that, after a term of studying it.

With some beautiful beaches; a yearly Jazz and Blues Festival (I can not even describe how excited jazz makes me); some wonderfully scenic walks and it's capital being called Charlottetown (I just HAVE to visit that, don't I?) this fast became one of my top islands that I would like to visit. It looks truly stunning and somewhere you can escape from all your everyday little worries. Just what you want when you are travelling.

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  1. The Anne of Green Gables books are one of my favourite children's series, so PEI is definitely on my 'to visit' list too!

  2. PEI is also on my things to do list. I would love to do a road trip around the island and then head north to Newfoundland and Labrador. Hopefully one day. Good luck with your top 3!